Thursday, August 12, 2004

Its been a "bumpy" week!

Whew! This is one of those weeks that really challenges a mother's patience! McKenna has been extra fussy and clingy. She not only wants to be held by me constantly but she is just fussing and whining so much and I can't figure out what she needs. But as I understand it, this is a normal thing for a one year old - to have a need and to be frustrated that she doesn't know how to communicate it.

On top of that, I think there might be something to the fact that after the MMR shot, about a week later I noticed that mine as well as some of my friends' babies go through an extremely fussy time. Which makes sense because it is, after all releasing small amounts of disease into their bodies.

And on top of THAT, McKenna's 7th tooth finally broke through and her 8th one is right at the surface. Her back gums look swollen too but only time will tell if her molars are coming through.

And on top of THAT, she has been getting hurt SO often lately! The other day she tripped and hit her cheek on the bookshelf (big bruise on the cheek). Then she tripped and scraped her face on the entertainment center (scratch from her forehead to her lip). Then she fell and hit her head on the cement pavement outside (bump and cut on her head). Then she bumped her head against my tooth (bruise on her forehead). Then she stepped on a sliver of glass that was in our carpet (bleeding foot). AAAAH! Poor kid! Aside from the glass, the falling is all normal for a one-year old. She's getting more confident with walking but she still has to work on balance and depth perception. So many one year olds go through a klutzy phase.

So even though she is very frustrated lately, I am enjoying her non-whiny clingy moments. She is a very affectionate little girl and sometimes she just wants me to sit on the floor with her so she can sit on my lap or give me kissies. And really, I can't deny that its still a pretty wonderful way to spend my day.

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