Wednesday, July 11, 2007

School Already?

It's kinda crazy how we only get a few weeks into a season when we're already ready for the next one! Yesterday we were at Target and they had their lunch boxes and thermoses out. I know full well that when Target releases something like school supplies or Halloween costumes or 4th of July swim buy it when you see it. Because when the time comes for you to NEED those items, they'll be long gone. So we let each of the girls pick out a lunch box and thermos (McKenna picked Tink, Kyla picked Disney Princesses). *Sigh* Yes, even Kyla. She'll be starting preschool in the fall as well. I can hardly believe it. But I have to admit, I am just too excited about the idea of seeing her in her first Halloween parade and being able to watch BOTH my girls in the Christmas program!!

See....I'm so excited I'm already burning Fall-scented tarts already. It's a sickness.


Ok, talk about tired. McKenna and I both fell asleep on Kyla's bedroom floor tonight. LOL! She has been going through a super naughty stage.....tantrums, sassiness, cutting her sister's hair. (Oh yes, I said cutting her sister's hair. I found a big ol' chunk of it hiding in her drawer. The sad thing is, this is the second time she's cut hair on her own ..... once her own hair and now her sister's and both times she did such a good job that we couldn't even tell.) So today I really engaged her in all my activities and she was just an amazing kid. Wonderful manners, cleaned up her own messes, helped clean up her sister's messes, helped me with four loads of laundry, listened to my instructions....I was really proud. We even played "restaurant" today. Kyla is horrible at restaurants so we're gonna start playing restaurant at lunch time and work on teaching Kyla the proper behavior for going out to eat. Today was our first day and Kyla did awesome! If they both do really well then they get an otter pop for dessert. So I'm hoping with regular practice, restaurant eating will become fun again. But anyway, it must've wiped both McKenna and I out today because around 6pm we both just conked out on Kyla's bedroom floor and I didn't wake up until 8:30! I carried her to bed, Erick put Kyla to bed and I had to run to the grocery store at 9pm at night. LOL that's what you get for taking an early evening nap I guess! You end up finishing your to-do list at 9pm!

Anyway, speaking of which...I need to finish up McKenna's birthday invites so I can get them in the mail tomorrow. It's gonna be such an easy party. It's a Wizard of Oz theme and it's gonna be at Hullabaloo's Clubhouse. She's inviting church friends, school friends, playdate friends, neighborhood friends, cousins...she's pretty excited! We're just gonna have some pizza and cake and let the kids run wild. And I've got the cutest ideas for the goodie bags!! I'll share once I have them made up. Here's the invite if you wanna see. I just created most of it digitally then printed, slapped on some glitter and Oz stickers and voila!

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Britt(any) said...

Now that I'm on my summer schedule (work until noon), I have started taking daily naps, which is something I never allow myself to do. Well, today was definitely two hours long (I'm a power-napper, so 20 minutes is my max) and what am I doing at nearly 1 AM? Cleaning, scrapping....not tired at all.

*sigh* The alarm will go off in T-minus 4.5 hours.


Here's to NEVER taking a nap that long in the middle of the week!!!!