Monday, July 23, 2007

A Quick Update

I've been completely busy with: Planning McKenna's party, planning DST's 1st birthday party, normal DST work, taking care of 2 kids, being pregnant, trying to keep the house clean, moving McKenna and Kyla into the same know....all that good stuff. So here's a brief update:

McKenna had a lot of fun at the "musical show" with Grandma Beth & Auntie. They took her to lunch at Souplantation (her favorite) and after the show they went for ice cream and a trip to Sweet Factory. Spoiled? Who? McKenna? ; ) Here are some pics.

The girls have been sharing a room for 3 nights now. Right off the bat we've learned that you can't put them down at the same time. Kyla yells for her sister. McKenna will do what we asked her to do and she'll ignore her sister. But this just infuriates Kyla to the point that she is screaming at McKenna. And she's pretty relentless. So we've found it's just better to skip Kyla's nap (or put her down for a very early one if we're home) and make her bedtime 6:30-7pm. Then put McKenna down at 8pm. They both wake up together around 8am which is really cute. We can hear them over the monitor. McKenna will ask Kyla if she had sweet dreams and they'll giggle and throw stuffed animals at each other.

Kyla is talking a LOT lately! She repeats a ton of words that we've taught her and she can even "sing" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs, Old McDonald and We Can Fly. She's gone pee-pee on the potty several times. But so far she thinks that if her diaper is off then poo-poo happens on the carpet. So we're working on convincing her otherwise.

Erick has been playing his guitar for the girls. McKenna will sing lyrics while he plays. She's actually pretty dang good with the melody lines!! Of course her lyrics are complete gibberish. Something about chasing her sister and riding a rocketship? I'm still not sure. Sometimes the girls put their chairs in front of Erick and watch him "play a concert." He always gets a very enthusiastic round of applause at the end of each song. ; )

McKenna's party is just 3 days away. We've got just about everything bought. I still need to pick up the cake and balloons that I ordered. We're having this scanned on a cake:

I still need to put together a few of the goodie bag trinkets and then assemble the bags themselves. And pick up the last two presents. We got her:

* The clothes that I posted previously.

* A Dorothy/Glinda dress up set (she really wanted to dress like Dorothy for her party so we're gonna let her open it the day of the party).

* Princess beginner skates

* Hullabaloo game

Tomorrow I'll pick up the Cinderella pajamas she wanted and the two Tiara Club books. I think that's pretty good. We're trying to keep it reasonable.

I'm off to get started on yet another goodie bag trinket! Night everyone!

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Elaine said...

waah. sorry we can't make it to the party! So make sure you post up lots of pics! I think its a great idea that you put the girls together in one room! So cute that they throw stuffed animals at each other in the morning. haha!