Sunday, July 01, 2007

Here's the Haps

Didn't want anyone to think we fell off the face of the earth. ;) So here's the latest with the Biegers:

The girls and I went to McKenna's playdate with Addison (almost 4) & Hudson (1 1/2) on Thursday and had a lovely time. The kids played together so well and Cory and I had a fun time chatting. We'll definitely be getting together again soon. When we left, Addison & McKenna hugged. Too cute.

Friday I had an OB appointment. Everything is going great! She did an ultrasound and the baby is measuring right on target and the heart is continuing to beat away, nice and healthy so far! Thank you to those who faithfully pray! Here's the u/s photo. Head is on the left:

McKenna and I spent all of Saturday morning in line to sign up for Swim Lessons only to get shut out! Boo! They sold out for the session we wanted! So we'll have to go back in 2 weeks and try to get into the next session. I hope we can get her in because she's REALLY excited!

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Kids Room Furniture. We're on the hunt for the perfect "big girl bed" for McKenna. We are currently choosing between the castle bed with a slide:

or the 4-poster bed with canopy (upper-right, canopy not shown):

One is "just like Wendy's" (from Peter Pan....her favorite) but one has a slide. Clearly she has a dilemma. ; ) Luckily she has another month to think it through.

Saturday night my Dad, Cheryl & Brittny watched the girls (thank you again guys!) and Erick and I went out to dinner (Market Broiler) and to see Brad Paisley. Dinner was fabulous and the concert rocked. Kellie Pickler opened and she was awesome (LOVED that she covered Dolly's 9-to-5). Brad Paisley was phenomenal!! Concert highlight: When he sang "When I Get Where I'm Going" and he showed photos of famous deaths that had meant something to him. One of the photos was of the WTC towers and it was a really sweet, emotional moment. Concert low point: When the guy in the row behind us puked. Thank God he was down half a row so it didn't hit our feet. And thank God it was during the encore so we didn't have to smell it long. But *gag*. Please people.....know when to STOP drinking for the night! Ugh.

Today we managed to get back to church and I'm so thrilled that we did because the sermon was just....BRILLIANT! Every single point he made I was able to apply to some area of my life - mother, wife, business-owner, etc. The worship was especially good this week. I was invited to join MOPS this fall and I think I may sign up because I could really use the spiritual refreshment now that I've got 2 small children, one on the way, we'll have a new puppy and all that on top of running a business and trying to keep up with housework! I think it may be something that might be necessary for my sanity! LOL! Besides that, I would really love to get to know these amazing Trinity gals and build on those friendships that we've only been able to keep up with through Christmas cards until now!

Another special thing that happened at church today was when we went to pick the girls up from the Sunday School class, McKenna was playing with this little girl and while we waited for the kids, we were talking to Fuji. Fuji was Erick's mentor in high school and just one of the dearest Christian brothers someone can have. Well when McKenna and her little friend came out, we realized it was Fuji's daughter she was playing with. Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones but to me it was really special that Erick and Fuji had such a special friendship and now their daughters have become friends. It's one of those "full circle" things that can only be found in a place where you have roots. I don't have very deep roots with any one community. We moved too much. But it is a blessing to me and now to my children that we can come to this place and be a part of the roots that Erick has firmly planted with this community. Anyway, mushy moment for me but it blessed my heart and wanted to journal it.

We've got a busy week coming up! Erick is off from July 4-10th. On the 4th we'll be going to his parents for the annual 4th of July/Erick's Bday BBQ! On the 5th, Erick and I are going out for his birthday (Melting Pot! Yuuum!) . Hopefully on the 6th we'll be able to take the kids to see Ratatouille and then I'm praying I can squeeze in a hair appointment! On the 7th, we have friends coming in from out of town - YAY! It's been a year since we've seen these friends and they are dearly missed so I'm really looking forward to seeing them again!

A few pics before I go:

McKenna before church this morning (note her prop of choice):

Kyla before church this morning (note her prop of choice):

Note that NEITHER of them wanted to give up their props!

Pajama hugs!

Erick loved this one so much, it's now his desktop:


Jaime Young said...

I always love to read your blog so entertaining and inspiring! I loved the props the girls were holding, made me laugh out loud :) Hope you are doing well Shannon.

Melissa Ives said...

LOL!!! That is an awesome photo of your


Heather said...

AW Shannon, look at that U/S pic. Makes me miss being pregnent. Then, I get up at 4 with my 7 month old. LOL

The girls are beautiful!

And both beds are gorgeous, but I LOVE the castle one!

20Birds said...

what church do you go to? and the blue tongue??? fun fun fun