Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last Day of School, Recital, Everyday Stuff

Today is McKenna's last day of school! I told her "Can you believe you've finished TWO whole years of school now?" Her eyes got big and she said "Woah." LOL!

I sent her to school with some gifts for her teachers. I was up until midnight making them and I'd love to show them off but I used products from our next Scrap Gypsies project so I can't reveal it until the first weekend in June. But they turned out cute and her teachers loved them. : )

They had the room decorated with beach balls with the kids' names on them so they can each take one home. And today they're having an UNbirthday party to celebrate all the summer birthdays in the class. They're gonna have balloons, pizza and carrot sticks and make cupcakes.

Here's a picture of her making a stamp project with Kailey and Addison. They always do some sort of little project while they wait for all the students to arrive. Notice the girls are all doing art and the boys are all playing darts? LOL!

And when I pick her up, she'll get another "yearbook" to add to our family yearbook collection. I love that they do that. : ) It's always fun to see the pictures they took of her, memories she's made without me. *sniff*

Now, onto her recital!!

For a kid who didn't want to do this dance at all, she did a really great job! She had a great attitude leading up to it. Didn't seem the least bit nervous. We went to dinner with my family before hand (thanks again for dinner Uncle Chip and Aunt Dawn!) and then hung out at my Mom's house for a little bit until it was time to leave. She was cool as a cucumber. I left her with the "mother hen" that watches her class backstage and I peeked in a couple of times...she was doing great. Her dance wasn't until the EIGHTH dance so I wasn't sure if she'd be ok that whole time. For the winter recital she was none-to-pleased that she was forced to wait backstage instead of getting to watch the show. I thought her class was going second so I had planned to get her after her performance and let her sit with us to watch. That didn't work out but we didn't get any problems from her (until we got home when she gave me a stern look and said "Mommy, I didn't get to watch the other dances." LOL! She didn't forget.)

She did an awesome job and I thought my heart would burst! I was SO proud of her!

Here is the video. It's her performance and then her final bow at the end when she receives her dance medal.

Here are the pics my Mom took. Thanks for moving closer to the stage to get such great pics Mom. : ) McKenna said "Remember when I saw Grandma Beth at my dance recital?"

Thank you for coming Grandma Beth, Gramps, Cheryl, Auntie, Uncle Bri, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chip!! Even though by the end of the night McKenna had NO interest in being social, she did love having everyone there! She loved her flowers (she sniffs them everyday) and her necklace from Grandma Beth. Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chip, thank you so much for driving all the way from Vegas to see the recital! Such a far trip for such a short performance but it was so sweet and meant so much to all of us that you did that.


A few Kyla cuties....

She is obsessed with ballons right now. Or as she calls them "Bah-bah-boons!"

Last night when I tucked her in, I heard her grab her "bubby" (her Curious George doll) and kiss him and say "nigh-nigh".

Every time we take a picture, she wants to look at the preview of it. And she always says "AWWWW" for each picture. Even if it's a picture of a shoe.

She will NOT stay in a cart when we go shopping. And if you think it's just a matter of us being consistent, you're wrong. She can climb out of any seatbelt and she can and will climb out of the cart. She's really strong too! So she'll either jump right out into my arms or she'll climb backwards into the big part of the cart. Or she plain ol' just tries to scale down the side. It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep her in there! If it were just a matter of buckling her in and letting her cry, I'd do it. I can listen to her cry until the cows come home, I don't care. But it's not that. It's that she is smarter and stronger than I am! I'm in serious trouble here people! My 20 month old is smarter and stronger than me! So my sister has this mei tai baby carrier that can hold up to 90 pounds. I tried it on with Kyla in it....the kid was sooooo calm. So my sister lent it to me to use for a little bit so I can actually shop with Kyla now! LOL! (Thanks again Mel!) I guess her friend makes them and sells them for half the price so I think I may pick one up for myself.

She's smack in the middle of her tantrum phase. If we've displeased her, she'll throw something and then look at me and say "I THROW!" I usually just look at her, shake my head and say "That's naughty." Then she'll calm down and pick whatever she threw back up like she's over it.

Here's a cute pic of the girls. Are they playing dress up? Not so much. This is the kind of thing they wear around the house all the time. LOL! I'm serious. McKenna always has to wear some sort of Disney dress and Kyla always has to put on a hat.

And here's the girls this morning making silly faces at themselves in the mirror:


The pregnancy is going good so far. I am SHOCKED at how quickly the body remembers pregnancy symptoms. I have this particularly annoying symptom that showed up in the last trimester with McKenna, in the second trimester with Kyla and it's showing up NOW with Sprout. When I'm sleeping, I usually lay on my side....but my HIPS get really sore and numb. I understood it starting in the third and even second trimester because I was heavier then. But at 4 1/2 weeks??? What the heck?

I've only had a few bouts of nausea. Usually the full blown morning sickness kicks in at 6 weeks so I'm trying to brace myself and prepare for it. I saw this at BRU. I wonder if it works:

I don't have the full-on hunger that I had with my first two pregnancies but when I am hungry, I know exactly what I want. The other day I HAD to have a KFC chicken & biscuit bowl for lunch. Today I'm really craving some chicken & tortellini salad so I think I'll make a batch tonight so it'll be all ready for tomorrow! Yum!


Anyway, got lots to do so I'd better sign off. A special hello to my niece Amanda!! We miss you sweetie! Love you!


Maegan said...

Oh my goodness, McKenna could not be any more darling at her recital. I just love those little outfits!!!

Let me just say how impressed I am that Kyla can get herself out of her seatbelt. That is totally annoying of course, but still pretty impressive for such a little one. That shows quite a bit of determination. Now just put those power to good use. :)

Elaine said...

AAAAHHH that was the cutest thing I ever saw! McKenna did great and my favorite is the very elegant bow she did at the end. Awesome.

Kyla is a regular Houdini! and here I was complaining about Maddy grabbing stuff from the cart!

Monica said...

I came across your blog ... McKenna's recital was wonderful. My 3 y/o son sat in awe watching her dance ... when she got her metal, he says "Momma, the pwetty baby gurl got a metal and she did dance soooo gooood!"

You have a very beautiful family! Congrats on the new sprout!

Rona said...

How cute McKenna is in her little outfit! Darling!

Your girls sure have their own personalities---love the description of the Disney dress and the hat, lol!

Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

Rachel said...

how cute, Shannon! That was some blog post! I wish I could write like that!

Sarah said...

OMGosh! Could Mckenna be any cuter dancing around in that adorable costume!! Thank you for sharing those pictures :)

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Aww...I wanna see the gift now! :P

That recital was so cute!:)

Kyla seems older than Kaylee but she isn't! Kaylee is saying some words now, but not as much as she should be. She can say "yeah" & "baby", then she says "ha" for "hi" and "ba" for "bye". That's about it. I know she'll eventually get there, but for now, I get a bit teary and excited when I hear her say "baby" :)

lukasmummy said...

Its so interesting to read your blog, must be something to do with the way you write it. They are so adorable.
Hugs Crystal x

Anonymous said...

I miss you too! McKenna is soooo adorable! her dance recital went well i can see. So ummm here's my email I love you!! i cant wait to see everyone. I havent seen u guys in like forever!! --lol
♥ you
Luv, Amanda