Sunday, April 29, 2007

Today You'll Have Dessert

It's just the busiest week for us! Friday was Erick's first day in his new unit and it was McKenna's princess party (see previous post for pictures). Saturday McKenna had dance class in the morning and her costume fitting in the evening. This morning we had our first service back at Trinity and then had lunch with my MIL (she attends Trinity too). Tomorrow McKenna has school and I need to work on my first project for Scrapgypsies AND I need to update DST. Tuesday is Erick's swearing-in ceremony and then he has a softball game that night. Wednesday McKenna has school and I have my driving test. And then from there I think life gets semi back to normal? Erick's schedule is still a little "off" because he has to be there at specific times for training. So it's taken some getting used to this new schedule!


So McKenna's costume fit perfectly. No need for alterations! Since they're dancing to "Mean Ol' Lion" from The Wiz, I figured she'd be wearing yellow. It's just a strap on one side with the bow attached and a "bare strap" on the other. Then she wears that other big bow in her hair. LOL! Very cute and very typical "tap recital", right?


Church today was soooo nice. The kids had a blast. I was surprised that they had McKenna in the nursery but they seemed to imply that that was an unusual thing this week so I'm hoping next week that they actually do a Sunday School for her age group. But she didn't want to leave when we came to pick her up so regardless, she had fun! She said she made five new friends. She couldn't remember any of their names. LOL! Neither of them had any problem with being dropped off but I didn't expect they would. They've been dropped off at EV Free's nursery as well as the nursery at my Mom's church so it's not new to them.

The service was wonderful. The worship music is very traditional which is ok. I can worship God with a steel drum and a kazoo. I don't care. I prefer post-modern worship music but I don't need it to sing to my God. The sermon was excellent. The pastor is very funny, very down-to-earth and very practical. Today's sermon was on depression and my first thought was "This won't apply to me." But then I remembered that I know so many people who have said they're clinically diagnosed with depression so I thought "Well, maybe I'll learn something to make me more sensitive to their plight." It was a very eye-opening sermon as he talked about how very real and even biblically accurate depression is. But it wasn't just for those who are clinically diagnosed as depressed, it was also very applicable to all of us who get into "funks". The need to rest and be nurtured or to nurture ourselves is so important. I really enjoyed the whole sermon and I look forward to hearing him speak again next week!

We saw a few "old friends" which was nice. Well, they're old friends to Erick but for me, they're old "acquaintances" that I've helped him stay in touch with via Christmas cards and birth announcements. I'm looking forward to making them my old friends too.

Erick's Mom arrived later than us so she didn't sit with us. But she did tell us the neatest story later that afternoon when we all went out for lunch.

First, a little background - Erick's Mom is a prayer warrior and has our family absolutely bathed in prayer. She and Erick attended Trinity together for 23 years, just the two of them and his ministry is very much a "blessed fruit from her womb".

So she was praying this morning before church and God told her "Today you will have dessert." And when she got to church, she saw my hair (she said some very heavenly-symbolic things about my hair but it would just sound conceited coming from me so let's just say she saw my "golden hair") from across the room and she instantly knew what God meant. For her, having raised Erick in this church and then to release him to ministry outside of the church and to keep him and his family so faithfully covered in prayer was a labor of love. And having him return to her home church, to be a part of her church family with her, to have her grandbabies in her church with her....this was dessert. She was telling me this during lunch and she said "And that's why I started my lunch with dessert today." And that's when I realized "Hey! She did!" LOL! She ate dessert before she ate lunch as a treat and a celebration for Erick's coming home again. Isn't that the sweetest story?

Anyway, I just had to share that because it touched my heart.

The rest of the day was very relaxing. I told Erick he could lay around and watch sports like most American men do on Sundays (he's usually working on Sundays) so he really enjoyed that! Here's a picture of him and Kenna lounging together:

And is it me or is this kid just growing up way too fast?


Time for me to get ready for bed! Lots to do tomorrow! Oh and yes, my sister did find out what she's having! And I'm almost certain it's public knowledge but before I officially blog about it, I wanna wait to get her permission.

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