Friday, April 27, 2007

Kyla the Incredible Hulk

Ok, Kyla is freakishly strong. Like Incredible Hulk strong. No! Like Monica Gellar strong! McKenna sits in a kid's chair and Kyla pushes her around on it....on carpet nonetheless. And yesterday she got so mad at me for taking something away from her so she started yelling and crying and she ran over to my dresser and she TRIED TO TIP IT OVER!! She actually budged it too! She got all red in the face and was all fierce about it like the hulk! If she were older, it would've been down-right scary that she was so angry she was trying to FLIP furniture! LOL but since she's just a toddler, it was really amusing (not that I let her know that!) It cracks me up because she's tall and thin but her arms are pretty buff! Ha ha!

"Grrr. With these guns and this coffee, I'm unstoppable!"

(Note: I do not give my children coffee. That cup is empty. She likes to pretend that she's drinking coffee with me.)

"Are you judging me?"

Her toughness came in handy during her lab test. They had to draw a vial of blood directly from the vein. Erick had to hold her still so they wouldn't accidentally miss. Did she cry? No. Did she squirm? Once but then Erick told her to sit still and she did. In fact, she WATCHED them stick the needle in and take the blood. And she didn't cry! She is one tough little cookie! She came home with a little cotton ball taped to her inner arm and I was "awwwing" over her and I told her I was so proud of her. She just smiled at me with this look that totally said to me "Oh mom. You're making a big deal out of nothing." We should get her results in about a week they said!

Hmm, what else....

* Kyla said the F word. But I assure you she has never even HEARD the word before. We don't use it. No one uses it around us. We don't watch grown up movies unless the kids are in bed (mostly because they don't let us). I can't even recall overhearing a stranger say it in her presence. So I think it was one of those random coincidences where she just happened to be babbling and the WRONG word came out! LOL! That happened once when McKenna looked at my sister (probably about this same age!) and said with disgust in her voice "Bish!" LOL we still to this day prefer to call someone a "bish" instead of the actual word.

* Yesterday when I was talking to my sister on the phone, Kyla said "Hi-low?" I said "Sure, you can say hello to auntie". So she talked to her in babble for a bit and then McKenna wanted to talk so I handed the phone to her. Kyla pointed at her and said "Sissy hi-low?" ("Sissy's saying hello?")I just love hearing her talk and communicate so well now.

* Today is Erick's first day on the job as an acting Supervisor (his promotion went into effect right away but he didn't start in his own unit until today.) He called me from his own office with his own extension. ; ) Of course right in mid-conversation he goes "I GOTTA GO! I GOTTA GO!" and hangs up. Scary for the wife on the other end, let me tell you! What I did NOT know was that his unit is right next door to the "extreme security" unit. The most dangerous criminals. I guess two kids got in a fight and Supervisors have to be there to supervise the take-down of the minor. He won't have to go "hands on" as much as he used to though so I guess that's a good thing. Still....I'm not necessarily thrilled to hear he's next to the extreme security unit. I guess I should be glad he's not actually the one who is stationed there though. Hmm...I wonder if I'm allowed to share that story. Maybe not since we're talking minors in a criminal institution. LOL! Shh, don't tell!

Ok, so big big day today! Alexis' birthday party at Olivia's Dollhouse Tearoom! It starts at 4pm and McKenna simply cannot wait! I've got my camera all charged and ready to take lots and lots of pics! I'll share them tomorrow hopefully! We've got her dance class in the morning and then her costume fitting for her recital tomorrow afternoon so it'll be a busy day.

Also, tomorrow my sister has an ultrasound and should find out for sure what she's having!! Yippee!!

Oh and p.s. Alyson I just saw your blog comment about Midwives being a movie! Thank you SO much for telling me that! I was thinking when I read it that I'd love to see a movie based on the book. Then I thought "Nah, no one else would watch that. The only people who would consider making this a movie is the Lifetime Network." LOL! So I just checked and it's running on May 20th!! I'm totally tivo'ing that!! Thanks!


The Gilles Family said...

haha, Glad I could help. :) And yeah, it totally scares me that Kyla's so A-OK about needles. They make me want to scream like a baby. Ask her if she'll go with me the next time I have to have blood drawn! She can be my rock! :)

Shannon's dad said...

Maybe Kyla can take care of that boy that's giving McKenna problems.