Monday, April 23, 2007

I Have Dreams....Yes, I Do.

These are my dreams right now....

* One day I hope to own a beautiful china tea set. In a perfect world, it would be from Ireland. And this tea set would be reserved only for times when my daughters and I would have long mother-daughter talks. And when they're grown women, they'll think "I need to talk to Mom" and they'll come over and I'll make us a pot of tea that we'll share out of our beautiful china tea set.

* One day I hope to commission Kim Hendricks to make a matching apron set for myself and my daughters. I wanted to wait until Kyla was a little older and now I want to wait and see if our third child (when we decide to have a third child) will be a girl too.

* One day I hope to learn to sew so that my daughters will have really amazing, creative, unique Halloween costumes. But time is running out on this one so I should learn to do this soon. You only have so many good trick-or-treating years before they outgrow it.

* Hopefully next year we can attend Family Camp together with our church. It's supposed to be a wonderful time of bonding together as a family with plenty of opportunities for activities and worship. We'd go this year but it falls the same weekend as McKenna's dance recital and we've already paid for the recital. But my dream is to go every year until our kids graduate from high school. And then if we're lucky, they'll want to continue the tradition by bringing along their husbands and children.

* One day soon I hope to find a solid volunteer opportunity. Some things I think I might like to do....helping with The Sheepfold ministry or Make-A-Wish Foundation.

* One day Erick and I would like to take all of our children back to Ireland, the place where we honeymooned.

* One day soon we'd like to take a family vacation back to Turtle Bay in Oahu.

* I'd like to take a romantic trip to NYC with Erick over Valentine's day.

So there are some of my dreams....for now.


Here's a picture I took of Kyla today. She's very interested in the potty. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty and she nodded and said "Sure!" But when I tried to sit her on it, she went stiff as a board and refused to bend to a sitting position and she said "No no no." So I didn't force it and instead I let her play with the potty seat (it's clean and unused) in hopes that she'll get comfortable with it. So of course I see her doing this......

And then she did this......

And that's when I discovered it didn't come off her head as easily as it went on! I swear I thought we were headed for the ER again because I couldn't get the dang thing off! I was *this close* to buttering her head when I took a breath and reminded myself that if she got it on and her head is not swollen then that means she found the one angle which would allow her head to pop through. So I just needed to find the angle. And I did. Phew!

We got her epi-pen today and instead of feeling better, I felt like crying. It scared me to think of ever having to use this thing on my baby. Her pediatrician appointment is tomorrow. I'm praying with all my heart that this kid doesn't have a serious allergy. : (

On a lighter note (because lighter notes are essential), here is a scrap page I finished the other night. I didn't have any specific journaling that needed to be said for this picture so I just had fun with the elements:

Credits found here.


Off to cook dinner! We're having steak, mashed potatoes and salad. Nothing fancy but it sounds pretty good right now! For dessert I picked up two new kinds of Ben & Jerry's. ; ) For myself I got Cinnamon Bun. Mmmmm....

Erick is going to the movies with his buddy tonight so after the girls go to bed I think I'll put on a chick flick and scrap.

Oh BTW - The Great Gatsby = Just ok. A little campy considering it was a pretty sordid story. But it was cast well! Mira Sorvino was a great Daisy and Paul Rudd a pretty good Nick. I felt more sympathy towards Tom Buchanan watching the movie than I did reading the book. I liked the actor who played Jay Gatsby and I'd be interested to see him play Edward Rochester from one of my favorite novels - Jane Eyre! I'll have to see if they have that on Netflix!


Britt(any) said...

The potty pics should definitely be reserved for the senior year of high school when you need all of those embarassing baby pics....rofl!!!

Maegan said...

LOL! I am glad you got the potty seat off of Kyla. :) She does get herself into quite a bit of trouble doesn't she?

I noticed on your sidebar you had Studio 60 listed as a show you like. Did you hear that it didn't get renewed for a second season? Poo. That could possibly be my favorite show. It is so well written! On the plus side they are still shooting and we should get some new episodes soon.