Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A full, happy day!

We had a great family day today! McKenna asked if we could go to Disneyland. Knowing full well that it was Spring Break we said "heck no". So she asked if we could go to the zoo. That we can do. So off to SAZoo we went. McKenna was such a total Daddy's girl the whole day. They spent the entire time together, McKenna asking questions about all the animals the whole day. She wanted Daddy to hold her hand and she wanted Daddy to get her in and out of the car and she wanted Daddy to be the one to answer her questions. In fact, I dared to answer one for her and she said "Well, I'm just asking my Daddy." LOL! So I took the hint and let them have their time. Kyla wanted to walk everywhere so I followed her all around. She was cracking me up because every time someone would stop to say hi to her she would lower her head hoping they wouldn't notice her. She'd slowly lift her eyes to see if they spotted her (which obviously they did because they were standing right over her saying hello). And she would not move a muscle until either I moved her or the person gave up and went around. Ha ha ha.

After that we went to Souplantation for lunch. Both girls love when we eat there and McKenna was THRILLED that Daddy chose that restaurant. Between the zoo and Souplantation it was practically her perfect day. Now if you have a Souplantation near you, I highly recommend their new Summer Lemon Tossed Salad w/Spiced Pecans. But the Lemon Cream w/Capers Hot Pasta was soooooo disgusting. Two bites....good. By the fourth bite, I wanted to throw up. It was way too lemony. Bleck.

Came home, the girls napped. I worked. Then they dropped me off at the mall where I picked up my beautiful ring. : ) I actually think I need to take it back in. The jeweler convinced me that I needed a size 4.5 but the thing is way too big on me. It keeps slipping to the side. So I'll have to take it in but anyway, it's BEAUTIFUL. This is the combination of my big gifts for Christmas/Valentine's Day/30th Bday. And I got in just in time to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of when I met Erick. Awww!

I used my bday money and gift certificate to do a little shopping while I was at the mall. Here's what I picked up:

A pair of rectangle aviators from NY & CO:

Some Styling Creme from VS:

Some Super-Hydrating Sunmist (w/sunblock) from Sephora:

I looooove this product. It has all sorts of sea ingredients to hydrate the skin, it has SPF 15 to protect the skin, and it smells like coconut, blood orange, lemon, lime, honeydew, rose, ginger and white musk. Very sexy stuff.

A Hot Tools large barrel curling iron:

Some Brow Shapers (I always hated how the Sally Hansen ones were cut like rectangles. How are you supposed to wax your brows like that??)

Then it was off to Hollister & CO where I picked up this outfit:
(The most flattering casual white pants ever)


I figured I'd wear my white racerback tank with the pink cami over it and then this would be the final layer:

I'm not sure if I wanna keep that tube top or pick up something I saw on my way out. Don't you hate when that happens. You love what you chose but on your way out you see something that would've looked better. D'oh!

Erick had a softball game tonight so it was just me and the girls until bedtime. And Kyla called me "Mommy" for the first time tonight! It sounded soooo sweet in her tiny little voice! Melted my heart!

Now I'm all settled in with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (am I on a Kate Hudson kick or something??) and I think I'm gonna work on my next Digi-Dare layout. Meredith Fenwick gave me the SWEETEST and most generous gift certificate for my bday and I just downloaded a ton of her fabulous stuff that I'm just dying to play with!!


Melissa Ives said...

Awww...how sweet about Kyla! That probably sounded so good! Sounds like a wonderful day!

Elaine said...

hahahaha! Maddy does the exact same thing that Kyla does! That is too funny.

"Well, I'm just asking my daddy."

Dang mom.
butt out.