Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shopping is a Wonderful Gift from the Lord Above....isn't it?

My laptop is in the shop. Boo. We installed the new memory and it refused to boot up. So we put the old memory in and it STILL wouldn't boot up. So Best Buy has it and they say it should be fixed by Friday. I really hope that's true because Sunday night we have to send out the kit, newsletter and update the site.

But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the lack of computer time. I'm able to use Erick's computer but I really don't like using it so I've just been taking advantage of the computerless time to do other things.

I did a little shopping. I haven't hit Express, Abercrombie or NY&CO yet (saving those gift cards for a shopping date with my sister) but I did pick up:

From Borders:
Understanding Exposure
Home Companion Magazine
InStyle Magazine
Real Simple Magazine
I've already got about 6 books on my nightstand (which I am reading) so I knew I didn't need more novels!

From Target:


From Bed, Bath & Beyond:
New cookie sheets (my old ones were rusting through.)
A new apple corer/slicer (the old one, which I linked to was cracked.I bought a new one by Wilton that is stainless steel with red gripping. So pretty. These little things make me happy.)
Wilton Dessert Decorator (I hate using frosting bags.)
New trivets (I left my old ones at the old apartment.)
Wilton Cupcake Stand (just because I've always wanted one.)

It's been soooo nice to get to sit and read a magazine for once. I really need to make time for myself more of a priority. In fact, it's one of my goals for 2007:

* Set and stick to DST hours so I can have more time for myself.
* Become proficient in the manual setting on my camera.
* Relearn how to use a sewing machine because next Christmas I want to make stockings for my family.
* Every day do a simple 15-minute yoga or strength-training routine just for the health of my muscles and my posture.

If you've noticed, I no longer belong to any creative teams. The deciding factor was that it's very difficult for me to be the owner of a site that claims to be a neutral, fair playing field for all digital sites and designers yet in my signature I'm promoting the designers I create for. So I felt it was a conflict of interest and I resigned with much sadness from my last 3 teams (IOD, Sara Carling, Amy Martin). I have been so blessed with the teams I got to work with in this last year. The previously mentioned as well as Gina Miller, Carrie Stephens and Kim Christensen - I have been so lucky to have the advantage of using their high-quality, creative and unique designs to better my scrap pages and more importantly to be able to establish friendships with such remarkable and wonderful women. I am so grateful to all of these women for affording me the opportunity.

I wasn't happy to have to resign any of those spots but if there is one benefit, it's that I have more time. And time for myself needed to be a priority for the new year. I can only scrap about once a week these days but I do NEED to do at least that otherwise I'll be so sad. I love to scrap. I love my finished pages, even my old ones with the silly techniques and heavy drop shadows. I just love seeing my precious photos come alive and made special with the memories and pretty embellishments. So I NEED to be able to scrap when I want and with what product I want. I need time to read magazines. I actually make time for my books when I go to bed. But I need to close my laptop and just relax without the call of work looming over my head. I need to be able to cook and bake more. I adore cooking and I hate that I can only do it sporadically right now. So I just need to reincorporate those things that I love. I already make time with my family a priority but with full time work hours and taking care of kids and a household, I have zero time for myself and that has to change. I need to find time for the things that make me who I am. Erick and I are dividing up the housework so that it's more equal and I am going to set and stick to DST hours. I can do this!! See, I'm all pumped up! = D

Well, I'm off to have a cup of tea, pop in my ipod and bake these adorable Candy Cane Cookies that I saw on my friend Kim's blog. It should be a fun night for ME!


brianna said...

Happy new year, Shannon and family!

Maegan said...

Amen sister! That sounds like my mantra for this coming year. Breath deep. We can do this. We can relax and make time for ourselves. Excellent shopping! I may just have to use up some of my gift cards this afternoon. Bellevue Square is calling me...."Maegan come shopping...You don't need to clean up the rest of the Christmas explosion in your living room...come to me." ;)

Melissa Ives said...

Enjoy your time for yourself! You deserve it!

Happy New Year to you, Big DST Daddy and the girls! :D lol

Jennifer said...

Ooh, I always love seeing your shopping finds! :) Love that you're trying to find more time for yourself this coming year. I think I need to make a priority list of my own. Happy New Year!!

Elaine said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Hope you had a great time! I gotta go big time shopping too! (I swear, I feel like I say that everytime you shop and yet, I never do. It'll be different this year! me time is always good right?)

Oh my website is up and "officially" opens tomorrow..its kind of "blah" looking right now but I'm going to try and revamp it (and maybe finally sit down and learn photoshop) after its up and running.
Check it out: