Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Dancers

Just got back from some Christmas shopping with my sister. I've just got a few more small things to grab and then I'm golden. Woot!!

Had a playdate with my friend Susan today. She and I have been friends for almost 14 years and it always blows my mind when we get together. We were so rebellious and obnoxious as teenagers and now here we are, two women who are devoted wives, mothers and Christians. Susan has 5 beautiful children and she is just my role model as a mother. Her children are so kind and well-mannered and sweet spirited. My girls had a blast playing with them. Look how McKenna and Emma are holding hands. So cute!!

Kyla is really starting to walk a lot more often. On Monday she walked from the table to me. All day yesterday she wanted to walk with me, holding on to just one of my fingers. Then when we were at the playzone at McDonald's, she walked for maybe 8 steps all by herself, hands free. Usually she crawls because it's faster but today she had to get across the living room to the dining room for lunch and she was in a hurry. You could see her struggling to figure out which was faster. She would crawl then try to lift herself up so she could run over then decide to just keep crawling, stop to lift herself again, etc. When she reached me, she stood right up without holding on to anything. So her confidence is finally starting to build up. My sister and I were cracking up the other day because I have this Hallmark snowman that sings Jingle Bells. McKenna and Luke run around dancing to it and Kyla wants so badly to get to dance with them. But she is unwilling to do the running part. So she will crawl in a circle and then lift up on her legs so that she's on all fours with her butt in the air and she'll shake her legs and dance like that. Then she gets onto her knees and shakes her head and hands back and forth. Its her own little dance routine. She choreographed it herself. ; )

Speaking of dancing, here is the video of McKenna's dance recital. Now remember, she's 3. The youngest and smallest in her class (in all 13 classes that were there actually). Most of her classmates are 4 and 5. She was unhappy the whole night because the dancers were not allowed to watch the rest of the show (she loooooves to watch the older girls dance) so she had been crying and was being carried by her teacher (hence why her little skirt is tucked in the waistband LOL!) AND the whole second half of the dance was taught to them the week before the recital. So they only did the whole second half about 4 times before they had to perform it. I'm just preparing you in case you're expecting Ginger Rogers here. ; ) For the majority of the dance, she's too busy watching the audience to pay attention to her own dancing. But they looked so cute in their little costumes. And really, isn't it all about 1) her having fun and 2) me getting to scrap it? = D

McKenna's Recital Video


Melissa Ives said...

Shannon...she's an absolute doll! She did wonderfully!

shortee_ec said...

'Kenna could seriously just sit there on the stage with her chubby lil' cheeks and it would be a good show! I LOVE when she bowed to the audience. Holy cow that girl is adorable.
and HELLO.. you HAVE TO get the Kyla Boody shake on tape too now that you teased me with it! LOL!

Delighted Mom said...

Truly you are to kind! We all had a great time!
When I played the video my kids all gathered around and thought she was so cute. Joseph said, "Again!" when it was all over. She really was the cutest thing up there.

4Catsnadog said...

I have watched this video about 3 times, because she is just an angel!! She puts the biggest smile on my face, and I don't even know her!! She did a beautiful job!

Julie Jewels said...

Awww....what a cutie pie! She did good, Shan!
Im so proud of her!!