Thursday, December 14, 2006

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

AAAH! Absolutely NO time these days! We seem to have something going on practically every day this week. I'm really glad we said no to that Christmas party. Where was I supposed to find a sombrero to go with a formal gown?

I finally threw myself into the holiday preparations. I had no choice!! Christmas was sneaking up on me! Cards were dropped in the mail slot yesterday so the mailman should pick them up today. Half the shopping is done. Erick and I have a shopping date scheduled for Sunday so we'll finish up then. My sister and I are going shopping on the 19th so I'll finish up Erick's gifts that day.

We took the girls to Camp Snoopy (Knott's Berry Farm) on Tuesday. We chose not to bring the camera so no real pics. I was really proud of them because they both went the entire day without a nap and were so well-behaved. McKenna went on a few rides by herself. There was an airplane ride and you can make yourself go higher or lower. The first time, she couldn't figure out how to go higher and when the ride was over, she was so disappointed that she didn't officially "fly". So she went again and the second the ride started, she zoomed right up to the top and didn't come back down until the ride was done. :)

Then she actually ASKED to take her picture with Snoopy (she usually has a phobia of costume characters like that). So we were happy to oblige even if we did spend a very unnecessary $20 on the 5x7 and 2 keychains (one for each girl....because you know....they carry a lot of keys with them.)

Wednesday was McKenna's last day of preschool before winter break so she went to class for her Christmas party. We made shortbread cookies with chocolate centers for her to give to her classmates. She came back with a whole bunch of goodies and (big Mommy moment for me)....the first ornaments that she made all by herself for our tree. I've been waiting for this day! When she would come home from school with ornaments made all by herself. Yay!! Here is what she made:

Ceramic gingerbread man:

Popsicle stick & glitter star:

That really made my Christmas to get to hang those up. : )

Wednesday night we went to one of the two big neighborhoods we like to visit for Christmas Lights.

Making each other laugh while Daddy went to Diedrich's to get coffee:

Daddy with the girls at one of our favorite houses:

Mommy showing McKenna that the Grinch is nothing to be scared of:

She's not buying it:

Kyla was very vocal about how excited she was. She "talked" nonstop:

Visiting "Foster" at Downtown Brea. For some reason, these reindeer were named "Foster" by Erick and I the year that we got married.

This morning was McKenna's Christmas program at school. She looked so pretty all dressed up. Here she is at home, acting angelic:

Practicing our curtsy:

Once she was dropped off in her classroom they dressed each kid in a little star crown and jingle bells on their wrists:

The class, lining up for their big moment:

You can see the performance here. It's just one song so it's not very long but it is pretty cute.

We gave her teachers their gifts. It wasn't anything big. We bought some snowman mugs at Target and filled them with "Snowman Soup": a hot cocoa packet, a candy cane for stirring and then we pieced together (using toothpicks) 3 large marshmallows and put 2 candy sprinkles for eyes and one orange candy sprinkle for a nose. Then we included the Snowman Soup poem and 2 peppermint patties (for a wintery chill) along with a card. Very simple and inexpensive but cute and they have a little mug that they can use again.

And now the next task is baking the cookies for the neighbors. We give cookie plates to about 6 of our neighbors so I gotta get on that soon. I haven't even picked which cookies to bake yet. Ugh.

Saturday is McKenna's recital so expect another video posting from me after that!!


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Melissa Ives said...

Hey girl! Thanks for reminding me to download the new episode of DTR. I can't wait to hear your interview. :D

shortee_ec said...

TOO many cute things to comment on as usual but my favorite was the girls making each other laugh!

OMG that video was so cute! I love how 'Kenna is like grabbing that chick's hand like, "hello.. we rehearsed this!"

- Elaine