Monday, October 09, 2006

Crunch 'n Munch, Fish and Kits

You know what I love? Kit-naming contests. I don't even care if I win. I just love playing. It's so cool to see what people come up with when they see a kit. So anyway, I almost always enter if I spot one of those contests. The first time I won, it was for Gina Miller's Andy's Charm kit (no longer available but here is my layout using that kit). I also won this kit by Angie Briggs:

I thought the kit had a fun 60's feel to it and the notebook paper made me think of it as something a teenage girl in the 60's might use. So that made me think of the fashion at the time and voila - Gypsy Boots!

And this was a funny story actually. In the designer forum at DST, there was a discussion about how hard it is for designers because they'll have an idea for a name and then before they get a chance to release it, someone beats them to the punch. So I made a comment that unless you come up with some crazy name like Sandrine Shelakam, you're probably gonna see duplicates or something similar. Tracy joked that she was indeed going to name a kit Sandrine Shelakam. In the end, she created this beautiful paper pack and did use part of the name! What started out as us being silly turned into quite the beautiful paper pack didn't it?

Sandrine paper pack

So Kyla said a couple new things! When McKenna wants us to do something again she says "Aden, aden!" (Again, again!) And Kyla has picked up on that. Today I was teaching her to say "Boo!" and she thought it was so funny so she'd laugh and then say "Aden!" through a fit of giggles. And when we were at Sea World, she and I went over to a large aquarium and Erick and McKenna went to another on the other side. I was pointing to the tank and saying to Kyla "Fish. Fish. See those? Those are Fish. Can you say FISH?" She would look at the fish, look at my mouth to study the word and then back to the fish. Then she heard Erick say something on the other side of the room and she called out "Daddy! Ish!" She mimics the sounds for "thank you". For her, it's "tay ooo!" She's also learning to use her fork really well. And her hair is getting really shaggy and long! I want to grow her bangs out but her bangs grow stick straight and right into her eyes! McKenna has started calling her Max, like the sheepdog in The Little Mermaid. So I'm contemplating bangs. We'll see. For now she wears the silliest pigtails and ponytails that stick STRAIGHT UP on her head! LOL!

On Wednesday, Erick and McKenna had their first Crunch 'n Munch class. Erick said they had the best time! They came home with some really cute art projects too (most of which were eaten later)!

A magic wand (large pretzel stick with the end dipped in peanut butter and rolled in sprinkles)

A necklace (Shoe string licorice laced with fruit loops and tied to a pretzel for the charm)

A mini mudpie (pudding topped with cookie crumbles and a gummy worm)

McKenna loooooved the class and can't wait to go back! We were thinking of going to Solvang this week but we might just postpone that until November so that she won't miss any classes. We'll see.

Speaking of classes, I got McKenna's monthly info for school and it says they'll be practicing their cutting with scissors and to practice at home. So we were at Target yesterday and I went to buy her a pair and apparently, children's scissors are created for different ages. They all came in ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. No 3? Which made me think "Is she teaching them early?" Which made me think "Sweet! This teacher is exactly what I was hoping for!" I'm of the opinion that if you introduce things to children early then it will either come to them earlier or at least come to them easier when they're ready to learn. So this is one of those little things that made me happy we switched. They have class pictures next week. That's gonna be so cute! We couldn't afford the pics last year. Which wasn't a big deal - I have a class photo from their Halloween party and pics of her on her first day of school. But this year it will be fun to pay for the official, over-priced photo package. LOL! One thing that is different about her class this year - less art projects! Last year we got 3 every day that she went. This time she gets one and then she comes home with worksheets that she's completed. Mazes, brain-teasers, matching games, tracing, etc. It's not as fun to hang in the window but it's neat to see the skills they're teaching!

So I decided to be totally selfish and scrap to my heart's content this weekend. I took care of a few DST things here and there but I had to give myself permission to scrap with whatever products I wanted and to just enjoy some scrap time. It felt so good! My left-brain was getting plenty of work with all my to-do's lately. My right-brain needed some exercise though. ; )

You can see my 3 newest layouts here:

Tiniest Dancer

Just a Bit Longer

Little Lady and a Bug

And finally, did you see my new blinkie? I'm scrapping for Amy Martin! I've been a fan of her work for.....EVAH! Both as a scrapper and as a designer. She's an element queen and she's been trying her hand at kits! I've been having a blast using her products. Two of my favorite layouts are using her kits:

Playing Dorothy

Twinkle, Twinkle True Star

You can see more of Amy's designs here. "But Shannon," you say," I thought you were so busy? How do you have time for another team?" There are designers who have high requirements and those who have a more laid-back approach to their requirements (I understand both reasons, for the record). All of my teams have laid-back requirements thankfully so! If it weren't for the designers with laid back requirements then I wouldn't be on any teams! LOL! I just know I can't promise x amount of layouts in a month because every month seems to get busier and busier!

Speaking of busy, I have five million things to do today! My Mom is coming to babysit tonight so that Erick and I can go to the Sufjan Stevens concert at the Wiltern tonight. Yay! So in the next 4 hours I need to catch up on my PMs and business emails, send out two invoices, leave some praise in the praise game, scour all 3 sinks, do the dishes, run the vacuum, pick up McKenna from school, pay her preschool fee, welcome the Directv guy who is coming to install.....HDTV channels? Something like that. I don't know. And then get dressed for my date! So off to work I go!


Jen Caputo said...

You are kidding right? You are a Sufjan fan? Man I love that guy, have seen him about 6 times over the last 3 years. Did you see the pics I took of him in Austin? Only a few are on my blog, i took over 100 and they all came out incredible:

have fun at the show, his newest song, Majesty Snowbird, will blow you away, it's really long but sooo incredible!!!

Elaine said...

I'm tired from just reading your list of tasks! Phew!

I LOVE the LOs as per usual and I took a peek at the one of McKenna doing Karaoke! How totally cool is that!!! I have a shy one, so its going to take some convincing for her to do anything in front of people, so I get a kick at what a performer McKenna is!

OH and LOVE the straight up ponytails! I think you should keep em' because really, there's no other time in our lives where we can wear our hair like that and get away with it! Kyla can get away with carrot top hair as cute as she is!!!

Britt(any) said...

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross is on "leave" from his job (because he got angry because his boss ate his after-Thanksgiving sandwich) and he's living with Chandler and Joey....well, you see Joey get up, and Ross has already organized the fridge (fruits and veggies, dairy, and expired stuff) and complains about how he's run out of things to do. Well, Joey asks what he's done, Ross lists a few errands, and Joey says "That's like seven days right there!"

That whole story was to say that you are very busy and I don't know how you do it. ;)

And I'm glad you scrapped. I look forward to seeing your pages because they inspire me.

MelissaHargrove said...

Love your LO's Shannon! Your girls are just the cutest little things!

Maegan said...

You little enabler you. :) I am off to buy me some Amy Martin goodies.

Your layouts are all gorgeous. It is no wonder you are on some many CT. Good for you.

I am glad you took a weekend to scrap. Don't forget to take time to recharge your battery. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pages, like have two of the cutest subjects!

Anonymous said...

Too funny that Tracy made one using Sandrine! LOL Who was that? Karen on Will & Grace? Phoebe on Friends? I know some sitcom character used it!
Yay for overpriced school pictures! Can't wait to see hers!
Oh I love the Crunch & Munch class! Ours was so way different-not edible at all!! Fun!
Congrats on Amy's team!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love the whole story of the Sandrine kit. That is TOO fun!!!

Yen said...

Love your layouts,Shannon! As usual:) And I hope you have a great weekend with your DH! And from reading your list of to do's, I got tired of it already..hehe :) Not sure how you all does it but you're doing great with everything you do, so hat's off!!! :)

BTw, I'm thrilled that I got to work with you in Amy's Team! :) I love her stuff too!

digi-diva said...

You HAVE to make the trip to Solvang! I was born in Lompoc and as a teen spent many, many hours in Solvang whether working or just having fun. I recently took my 9 yr. old son there and although he wasn't too impressed I enjoyed every minute! If you do make it there then you have to take the short drive to Nojoui Falls (or trickle as we sometimes call it!). Such a beautiful, peaceful place and awesome photo opportunities. Have fun!