Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beauty Binge & Halloween

I am positively addicted to shopping at Express right now. They have the best fall line - tons of fun designs (all inspired by the 80's of course). I've been twice this week and then those tricky devils gave me $25 city cash. Which means if I come in and pick out anything that is $25 or more, I get $25 off. So of course I'm gonna go in there thinking "I'll just buy ONE thing that costs $25 and get it for free." But you know I won't JUST do that. You know I'll buy more. I'm addicted I tell ya! Addicted!

I've been on a beauty binge lately. Probably because I'm pulling out of my overwhelmed stage and now that the fog is lifting I'm noticing my unruly eyebrows and teeth that need some brightening after the gallons of coffee I've been drinking these days. So I bought my new clothes, waxed my brows, whitened my teeth (or am in the process of that technically), gave myself a mani and a pedi (I don't know why I'm too lazy to just go across the street to the nail salon.) I was gonna get my hair cut but I'm kind of liking the length right now. So maybe in a couple of weeks I'll go in for a trim and highlight touch-up. I also went to Victoria's Secret because they have some really pretty new sets in. But as I was shopping, I ran into one of the moms from McKenna's dance class. I'm not the type to get embarrassed by the fact that I do buy underwear. But suddenly the idea that we could be sitting there on Saturday mornings and she would know what was underneath my clothes was really unsettling to me. LOL! So I skipped the purchase and snuck out.

Speaking of McKenna's dance class, she has her first recital coming up!! In fact, she'll have two in one week. December 14 she'll have her Christmas program for school. Usually each class sings a song or two with some sort of prop or dance motion involved. And then on December 16 she'll have her holiday dance recital! How cute is that gonna be?? I can't wait!

Let's see...what about Kyla? She is still refusing to walk! She's taken maybe 2-3 hands-free steps but she just lacks the confidence. She'll walk holding onto just one of our fingers. But the second we let go, she sticks her hands out for balance and slowly lowers herself back to the ground. So we've been practicing with her more and using her walking toy to help build up her confidence. She's completely off the bottle now. McKenna was off a week before her first bday. But we knew we were going to Hawaii the day after Kyla's bday and I didn't want to wean her while she was staying at my sisters. So we held off and now she's officially done. She seems to be doing well. For several days, she wouldn't fuss a bit at bed and naptime. But the past 2 days she has been yelling and crying for a few minutes when we put her down to bed. I don't know if it's just a stage where she's mad that she has to nap instead of play or if she's missing her bottle. In any case, she'll get over it I'm sure. ; ) I love listening to her talk. Lots of "Hi" and "Aden" (again) and "Dat" (That). I'm almost positive that she said "candy" while trick-or-treating. But mostly she is ALL about her Daddy! She calls for him all the time. She follows him all around the apartment. She sits at his feet and always puts her arms up for him to pick her up, she cries if he puts her down before she's ready. When he picks her up, she just wraps her arms around his shoulders and lays her head on his chest. If he's laying on the floor, she crawls right up to him and says "Hi" and rests her head on him for a hug. She just adores her Daddy! There is no doubt about it with this kid - she has a favorite and it's Daddy!

We had a great Halloween! Monday was McKenna's school parade and party. The highlight of the day for her (and for me) was that she actually ATE PIZZA! She has refused pizza every single time we've offered it to her. But she ate it and she came home and said "I like cheese pizza!" You would've thought she told me she was going to be a doctor. I was so proud of her! LOL! Then on Tuesday we had Halloween just the four of us. We made chili (traditional for my family) and then dressed the girls up in their girly bug costumes. We went to the church Harvest Festival first. It was not easy to maneuver with the wagon so we decided to just hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. The girls had lots of fun, got lots of candy and did very well with their manners. We came home, dove into the candy and then called it a night. I do have lots of pictures but my USB ports have COMPLETELY stopped working. They were glitchy before and I was gonna take my laptop in but I just couldn't part with it when I have a business to run from it! But now the USB ports are just completely done. Luckily, this thing is still under warranty so it's going in tomorrow. I don't really have a choice this time! I can't put it off. Anyway, my point being, it would take me forever to upload my photos to shutterfly with this touchpad thing. So the Halloween pics will have to wait for a bit.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween as well!


momy4him said...

happy shopping!! glad you had a great halloween, can't wait to see those pics. hope you can resolve that soon!

Laura said...

Awww, that's adorable about Kyla being such a Daddy's girl.

Man, those usb ports are already giving you trouble again?? What a pain! I bet it's like going without an arm while you're waiting on it to be fixed.

Can't wait to see Halloween pics!!

Congratulations to Kenna on her pizza! ;) Silly girl!

Britt(any) said...

Okay, I'm a softie for the daddy stories, and I might have let a tear or two leak out. Seriously. How adorable are your kids?!

BTW: Since you have me linked, I changed blogs, now I'm http://itsmyblogyo.wordpress.com

That way people (AKA parents at school) can't google me very easily. ;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Who doesn't love shopping?? Sounds like you have got some great stuff lately (and who doesn't love anything inspired by the 80s?--coming from me, a product of the 80s!!!). Your kids just sound adorable!!!