Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blogger, don't make me smack you.

Oh I didn't like that, my blog being down for 3 days. I guess I should count my blessings since every other blogger I know has had issues with this site on a regular basis and in two years, this is my first real issue. But still, I expect large, well-known sites to be a little more efficient with their problem-solving. Three days is a bit much fellas. I'm just sayin.....

Anyway, onward.

My Mommy-Daughter day with McKenna was fabulous. She's such a little lady and practiced such wonderful manners throughout the day. We went to "The Red Rooster" (what McKenna calls Red Robin) for lunch. We sat down, she sat across from me like we were on a real lunch date. We ordered a chicken strips meal to share (we're both "pickers" when it comes to food and I wasn't going to waste the money on two full meals when neither of us ever finishes a meal) with EXTRA cantaloupe of course. After I placed the order, McKenna said to the waitress in a very matter-of-fact voice "I'd like chicken and fries and cantaloupe and apple juice and I have to go to the potty please." LOL! Like she was placing an order to be allowed to go. I really enjoyed getting some quiet, uninterrupted time to just talk with her. We talked about what our favorite type of art medium was (hers is crayon, mine is paint) and what our favorite color crayon is (hers is red, mine is blue). We worked on the word search together. She can only spell two words - Bieger and Toys and since neither of those words were in there, we just drew circles around all of the S's.

Then we went to Claire's Boutique where we bought an eyeshadow for Mommy, a sparkly lip gloss for McKenna, and a nail polish for us to share. We headed to the Disney Store next where we bought McKenna a princess art set, a Tinkerbell nightgown and one of those compressed wash cloths (she loves those things.) We also bought an Aristocats jumper with matching shoes for Kyla. After that, a stop at NY & CO for Mommy. I bought 3 pairs of earrings to go with my cool bronze colored sandals and my big, brown "hater blocker" sunglasses (eh, eh....check me out Traci. I'm using the lingo!). Then our final stop was the candy store! We stocked up on our family favorites, remembering to get Boston Baked Beans and gummy sharks for Daddy. It was a wonderful day and we both had a blast!

Recent LOs

Naughty Momma

Credits: This picture always cracked me up but I never knew how to scrap it without looking like a bad mother. Then I saw this cute title in SSD5 on a layout by Leora Sanford and I knew exactly what photo to use!!
"Designer's Studio: Collection 8" and "Clip-It" element pack by Gina Miller (SBB). Swirl brush and Hand-Stamped alpha brush by Michelle Coleman. Fonts are AL Cleanliness, Adorable, Susie's Hand and FG Linnea.

I'll Love You Wherever You Go

Credits: Love, love, love this new kit called "Willow" by Carrie Stephens (ScrapbookGraphics). I also used the Build Your Own Flower Pot templates from Sausan Designs, Cheer brushes by Rhonna Farrer, Brush Strokes by Michelle Coleman,Fonts are Kingsthings Typewriter, AL Scratched, Rebekah's Birthday. I cannot for the life of me remember who the doodle frame is by. Anyone?

Found an Inch Worm

Credits: McKenna found an inch worm yesterday and she decided that he wanted to hear a story. So she sat outside and read to him.

I used Gina Miller's "Designer's Studio: Collection 3" kit. Journal strip from her Collection 7 and tiny screw from her Collection 4. Beaded word and X-Factor Stitches also by Gina Miller (all available at SBB). Stamped alpha brush by Michelle Coleman. Ruler by Jackie Eckles. Fonts are: AL Sandra, Saeculum, Rebekah's Birthday, AL Age Old Love, SP Toby Unleashed, Prissy Frat Boy, Porcelain, Patterns & Dots.


Ok, I need to water the lawn and I promised McKenna a pedicure! Product recommendation, for anyone who has a little one that likes to have their fingers and toes painted, you MUST have this product. I wouldn't even attempt to give McKenna a pedi without this. You just slather a little on each nail, wait one minute then buff with a kleenex or tissue. All dry!

Have a great weekend!


Rona said...

I just love the words on the winding road! How cool!

Sounds like you really had a fun day with McKenna! And yes, she sounds very grown up....a real proper lady! :)

Alyson said...

McKenna is now famous! My friend Rebecca is naming her new baby (due in August) McKenna, after hearing so much about the wonderful McKenna Riley! Sounds like you guys had the perfect Mommy/Daughter day! I'm jealous! Love you!

Julie Jewels said...

I'm so glad you girls had a great day together!! Kenna is such a sweet little lady!

Have you mowed that lawn yet? =P

Delighted Mom said...

I love the page with Kenna and the make up.

Dates with the kids are so precious. I wish we could have them more often.

Maegan said...

Thank you so much for the nail polish recommendation! I can't wait to try that on Zoƫ. Can you buy it at the store or do you need to buy it online?

The layouts are SO SO adorable as always. I especially like all the doodles on the lawn. How creative and fun!

Melissa Ives said...

Beautiful pages! I'm so glad you and McKenna had such a fun day!

Gina said...

LOL @ McKenna calling the Red Rooster!

You're kidding! The word Bieger wasn't in your word search?! That's preposterous!

I'll have to look for that polish. Not for Emily though - she sits and blows on her nails until they're dry. LOL I want it for me because it says it's moisturizing and fills in pores and my nails are always peeling and well... porous.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Shannon! Why was McKenna crying in that picture? Because she'd gotten in trouble? That sweet little face just made me so sad!

Those washclothes from the Disney Store... I LOVE THEM, TOO! They're such a nice texture. We have, what else, the Cinderella ones, but I've been meaning to go back and get more. Love 'em love 'em love 'em.

Have fun watering YOUR lawn! Doesn't that sound nice. LOL! Wish I could water mine... the drought has forced the city to limit the watering of our lawns to, yikes, ONCE a week. Needless to say, the grass looks like crap. :( Oh, well.

Enjoy your day!

~Amy~ (abbysmommy)

Ashley said...

love the blog! mckenna is so dang adorable :)
and i totally cracked up at the naughty mommy layout, love the take on you being naughty as opposed to her being naughty :)
btw, i think i owe you an email.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful mommy-daughter day. :) I absolutely love the I'll Love You Wherever You Go LO. The doodles in the grass are so cool! :)

Kim said...

I can't stop smiling at the LO of McKenna and "mean mommy". So cute!!!