Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grass (not to smoke)

LOL that's what my Dad said when he emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if we were ready to plant grass in our yard. Dads are funny. Well, maybe not all Dads but mine is. I'm sure there were plenty of times that he got the daughter eye-roll for his humor but overall, I've always known my Dad was a funny guy, all my friends always thought he was a funny guy (except Elaine who lives in fear of him and has for the past almost 17 years since she gave me a naughty man poster for my birthday. LOL! It's the ongoing joke at our family functions when Dad gives her a stern look and she has to sheepishly and profusely apologize AGAIN for corrupting his daughter.) But I digress, all my friends thought my Dad was funny and when I grew up and worked with women who were closer to my Dad's age, I got a LOT of comments after he would visit about how "cuuuuuuute" my Dad was. That's when the daughter eye-roll would return.

Anyway, Dad and Cheryl (Cheryl is Dad's long-term girlfriend and also the guitarist for McKenna's band) came over yesterday to start operation-clean backyard. I had no idea how much work actually went into this! I seriously thought it was just a matter of roto-tilling the dirt and then plopping down some sod. LOL! Didn't I tell you that I know nothing about gardening? Well, I'm getting an education on it this season for sure. I really do want to learn and I really do want to plant a little garden with McKenna (still haven't gotten to that project yet!) But I think I was intimidated by DIRT! It's not that I'm afraid to get dirty (well, maybe a little. It's just inconvenient to make a mess when you bustle around all day trying to keep things clean) it's just that I assume the whole issue of healthy soil is more complex then it is. If you look up info on the internet, it's crazy complicated. Like you need to own a chemistry set to test the mineral compound just to plant some Posies. So at least with yesterdays adventure I feel ready to start on our front garden with McKenna because I got enough education to at least understand how to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. Apparently, it's not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be.

Now the getting dirty part, there is no way around that. You should've seen this place. There were a LOT of rocks in the yard and we were piling them into this one small trash can to haul to the dumpster. Well the only way from the backyard to the dumpster is through McKenna's room and our living room. So we tracked lots of dirt through. Not to mention a fine layer of dust over everything. Not that I care. It had been about a week since I did the deep-cleaning anyway so it was ready for another go-around. I already vacuumed but I think I'll leave the dusting for after Monday when the actual grass goes in. It took so long just to prepare the dirt yesterday that we're gonna do the sod tomorrow instead. Poor Dad and Cheryl - Erick had to work so he wasn't there to help. I was able to help if Kyla napped but once she woke up, I was pretty much useless because after the p.m. naps, both girls need dinner and baths. And now that Kyla is mobile, I couldn't just set her down and go outside because she will find ANYTHING and put it in her mouth. So anyway, Dad and Cheryl worked all day in the sun, raking and hauling dirt and rocks. But they have some beautiful ideas for the yard and I was so grateful for their help to make a nice place for the girls to play and enjoy their summer! I'm already visualizing a whole summer of the girls wearing themselves out with lots of outdoor play while Mommy relaxes in a chair with a book or maybe even her laptop. ; )

So anyway, we should officially have grass by tomorrow. I think since it's Memorial Day and Dad & Cheryl will be here and Erick will be home by 2:30, maybe we'll just BBQ some chicken and Grilled Dill & Butter corn-on-the-cob. I think I'll send Erick to the store tonight so I can make a potato salad this evening and then tomorrow's dinner will be easy-peasy. I was gonna make a dessert but for the sake of time and McKenna's happiness, I think we'll just pick up a carton of ice cream. She would love to sit outside and eat ice cream on the patio.

So...hmm, what else. Kyla crawls on all fours almost 100% of the time now. She's fast and she is mischievous! She gets herself stuck in the funniest places, races towards things she knows I don't want her to have. If she sees something to put in her mouth, I'll say "No...." and she takes off like a shot to get to it before I do. She's fast too. She's beat me a few times! McKenna is about 50/50 on how happy she is that Kyla is mobile. She loves to hide and yell "KYLA!!!!" and see if Kyla can find her. And she loves that while she's sitting at her princess table eating a snack or something, Kyla will crawl underneath the table and play with her toes. But she does NOT like that sissy can get into all her toys now. I'm hearing lots of "No, that's MINE!" the past few days. She's always been good about sharing with her friends or with her cousins. But not so much with Kyla and I'm sure that's because Kyla is the baby know - low man on the todem pole. ; )

We got an, um, sample copy of Curious George (the movie). Now don't go getting all judgemental-like. The dvd isn't for sale yet so this is just to appease McKenna until it DOES go on sale. (We will definitely be buying it!) She has been asking for this movie forever and for some reason, they're taking a long time to release it. So this is a nice little compromise. She LOVES it! And so does Kyla. I think McKenna has watched it about 5 times in the past 3 days and she just giggles and laughs over all of George's antics and sings all the songs. It's fun to see something bring her so much joy. It really is cute and funny too. Will Ferrell does the voice of Ted and he does some of his classic Will Ferrell mannerisms which cracks me up. And there are all sorts of educational facts scattered through the movie. Not to mention the life lesson from George - that the best way to learn is to be curious and try new things. So cute.


Recent LOs

Just one for now. I think my next one will be a multi-photo layout of McKenna doing her gardening. I got a few cute pics from yesterday and I'm challenging myself to do more multi-photo layouts.

This one was fun to do because I wanted it to be sloppy and collagey. My friend Janet said, "I love all the differnt things going on shows that all these lessons learned came in different ways at different times." That's what I was hoping for! Like I'd learned these things over time, jotting them down anywhere I could and then sticking 'em all together on one layout. So thanks for "getting me" Janet. ; )

I've Learned

Journaling says:
I've Learned

That parents do the best that they can, including me and including mine.
That a wise person knows how to lead and how to be led.
That the loudest voice thinks they need to be heard but the calmest voice is the one worth listening to.
That a woman can be a Christian and still be strong, free-thinking and independent.
That I do not have to prove my devotion to Christ by pointing out the faults of others.
That everyone has creativity in them, it's just a matter of stirring the paints so they don't become stale.
That when it came down to it, the trait I needed most in a mate was integrity.
That being a mother is a beautiful, challenging miracle.
That there is a fine line between self-depricating humor, honesty of a situation, and a negative attitude.
That female friendships are more important to my growth as a woman, wife, friend, sister, mother and daughter then I would ever have expected.
That saying I'm sorry isn't so hard when the person you're apologizing to loves you whether you say the words or not.
That I do have regrets and that it's ok to have them. I'm happy with the person I am but I know I could have done some things better. And there is nothing wrong with believing that.
That brokeness can be the best thing to ever happen to a person.
Credits: Meander kit by Jackie Eckles; Duct and masking tape, messy stitch by Katie Pertiet; Alpha doodle by Tia Bennett; Notebook paper by Amy Martin; Tan tag by Jen Wilson; Hanging tags by Michelle Coleman; Paper strips and staple by Kim Christensen; Color Wash photo action by Photoblast; Inked edge action and Wild tear action by Atomic Cupcake. Fonts are: Mom's Typewriter, Problem Secretary and Problem Secretary Normal, Susie's Hand, Journaling Hand, Highland Perk, Janelle Script, FG Linnea and FG Script Elegant.


For today's closer, I'll tell you a random fact about....Erick!

His official job title is Deputy Juvenille Corrections Officer (I can never remember if he's an Officer I or Officer II though). He was hired by the Probation department in January 2003 and was the Valedictorian of his graduating training class. His job is awesome because there's just enough action (drug busts and fist fights and capturing attempted escapees) but also opportunities daily for him to make a real difference in a minor's life with counseling or engaging them in activities that will teach them skills they can use on the outside. It is the perfect job for him because he's one of those guys that needs both. He can't just push papers all day. It's not him. He needs to feel like he's doing something cool and he needs to feel like he's making a difference in the world. He does that and more every day.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! McKenna and I are off to do laundry and finally start on our garden!


Kim said...

How cool that you'll have grass (not to smoke) soon. I LOVE our yard. Nothing is better than sitting outside, enjoying a nice, warm day.

Happy Memorial Day, Bieger family!

Britt(any) said...

Please tell McKenna I know exactly how she feels with the toy thing. (And warn her about the clothes....*sigh*)


Happy weekend!

Melissa Ives said...

I hope you and McKenna have a wonderful garden! Happy Memorial Day!

Elaine said...

"That a woman can be a Christian and still be strong, free-thinking and independent.
That I do not have to prove my devotion to Christ by pointing out the faults of others."

Gotta Love THAT! You understand religion for what it is, the core beauty of it and NOT all the silly judgemental crap that people pollute it with.

Happy Gardening and I MUST visit when its done so I can join you in basking in the sun while the girls tucker themselves out....

..oh and tell your dad, sorry again for the naughty man poster. i should have obviously gotten you a less hairer model, so i understand his disdain. ;D

Julie Jewels said...

Your Dad & Cheryl are the bomb-diggity for doing all that work for you!!

I was giggling at your description of who Cheryl is!!!

I can't wait to have play dates in your new & improved backyard! The kids will love it!!

Wow! I can't believe Kyla is crawling so much now!

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you enjoyed your bbq!

Laura said...

I love your new layout! You are putting out some amazing stuff lately! This is definitely my favorite of all of your AAM's though, I like it so much I'd commission you to do one for me if I could!

I hope your backyard is coming together nicely now and that you'll be able to enjoy it a bunch this summer! I'm sure it'll be nice to have a place to let the kids run around.

Maegan said...

Isn't it amazing how MUCH work a yard is? Kelly made me stop watching home improvement shows b/c they were giving me an inaccurate sense of how long it took to accomplish the lawn. We did the same thing you did and it was not fun. I was into it for about the first four hours and then it was just hot! Make sure to post some "after" photos for us.

I think that it is going to take McKenna a little while to adjust to the fact that her sister is now mobile, but she is such a sweet girl I am sure she will adjust fast. Way to go Kyla!!!

Your layout is beautiful. Very "freestyle" of you. :) I still have not mastered that. You journalling is wonderful. I may just have to copy some of that. :)

Delighted Mom said...

Love your LO. You are so skinny. Don't you love that you can look that good after two children!

I always wanted a sister to share toys with. Let her know it works two ways and when Kyla gets older she will get to play with her toys also.