Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?

That's what you'll be asking me at the end of this post. This will be all random thoughts.

* My avatar bugs me now. Don't know why but suddenly it bugs me that the shoulder straps on my cami were too tight. Time to change that. Soon.

* I got a haircut today. I'm probably one of the few people who can go to Supercuts and walk out happy with her $15 hair cut. And traditionally, I always finish off the experience by going next door to BLACK COFFEE and buy an almond macchiato with whipped cream. Even thought it was 90 degrees today.

* I function really poorly without coffee. I didn't know this about myself. But today I was out of creamer so I didn't make coffee. Well I was a different woman, let me tell you. I was irritable and I was flighty. Weird.

* Today my Auntie & Kyla LO was selected for the "Gallery of the Day" at What a sweet compliment and a great way to start my day!

* Did you all read Traci's stinky comment after my last post? I was totally laughing because the irony was that it took me several days to convince myself to post on the subject. I was afraid people would think we were slobs. But then I thought "Oh, just post about it. It will be interesting and people like honesty." And of course the very first comment pokes fun that I might not clean my home. I DO! I swear! I mean, true, I only dust like 5 times a year. But other than that....I clean. I don't even like to go to bed without the trash dumped or the dishes done. But fortunately, the comment came from Traci who could easily get away with poking fun at me. Because you can't love a person for their wonderful gift of sarcasm if you're not willing to be the recipient of it, right? I know why I got it from her too. Because I called her puffs. ; P I asked for it.

* Speaking of blog comments, it is the craziest thing the way blogging introduces people. When I go "blurfing", I go to leave a comment and I see my friends from all walks of life are posting to each other. At first it didn't strike me as unusual but then it hit me "Hey, they don't know each other in real life and now they're friends!" Crazy! Friends I've known since childhood, friends I met online, family - everyone posting to each other and now have their own friendships amongst themselves. It's crazy but so fun at the same time! Because these are all people I love and think are awesome and now they're finding that about each other as well. Just think, if I ever threw a party and all of you girls came, you'd all already know each other and I wouldn't have to introduce anyone. It be like our Mexico trip but bigger!!

* For those who don't know what I'm talking about with the Mexico trip - about 3 1/2 years ago, Erick and I planned a trip to Mexico. Well the two couples that came with us (Elaine and her husband Brad, Alyson and her husband Mike) hadn't met until that trip. We didn't know how it would go but we figured "Hey everyone is nice enough. It'll be fun so who cares if they don't know each other." Well it was THE BEST VACATION EVER! OMG, we had the best time. E & B totally clicked with A & M. All the guys got along great, all the girls got along great. There wasn't any drama, nothing uncomfortable, no awkwardness. Just the best time! I love when people I love just "click" with each other and it requires no work on my part. So anyway, that's why I thought it was cool to see all my friends just interacting through blogs like they'd known each other forever.

* We might get a cat. These rodents won't be caught. I'm not willing to live with them. I'm not able to move. I'm not a cat person but I'm certainly not a RAT person either! I'd rather have a cat. So we're currently in serious discussions about adopting a kitten from a shelter. I'll keep you posted. McKenna is thrilled about the idea.

* McKenna has been diaper-free in the day. Tomorrow is her first day at preschool without diapers. Wish us luck. She's been doing fantastic - whether we're home or out and about. But still, first time at school. I'm not sure if the teachers will be as diligent about asking her as I am. We'll see I guess!

Alright, enough rambling. The most uncohesive grouping of thoughts ever.

Recent LOs

Credits: Aged paper overlay by Nancie Rowe Janitz; "True Colors - Brightness" papers by Meredith Fenwick; "Pretty Petals" flowers by Gina Miller; Antiquated Swirl brushes by Michelle Coleman; Messy Edge brush frames by Jen Wilson; Inked-Edge action by Atomic Cupcake, Vivid Color photo action from Photoblast; Fonts are Porcelain and Cratch.

I attended the Simple Style Scrap crop chat at SBB. This was the sketch we were supposed to follow. Here is mine:

I was glad to have the simple sketch to follow because I wasn't really planning to scrap this photo. I loved that she called it "skabetti" but what more can you say about that really, right? So this was just perfect for the photo. Plus I learned a few technical things about PSCS2 (thanks Sonya!) and just had fun chatting for a bit.
Credits: Photo by Erick, font is MA Sexy.

I'm off to watch LOST with my Boogle Bear (shh, don't tell him I told you that I call him that!)


Jennifer said...

So did you eat paint chips as a child? I don't think you ever answered the question. ;) I am so with you on dusting...I'm not even sure if I do it 5 times a year. Love that "skabetti" layout. Too cute. I really like the other one too, but I had seen it before. I am so not a cat person either, but you're right...a cat is definitely the lesser of two evils. Sounds like the potty training is going great McKenna!

And there you have a totally random comment to go along with your random post! :)

momy4him said...

i know what you mean about having online friends...when i met my sisters from sbb at the convention, i already knew them- it was weird, but not...kinda hard to explain, but it wasn't like i was meeting them for the first time. seeing them in photos and layouts helped me to spot two of my fellow dtms across a crowded airport. i walked over to them and said, "i know who you are!"

congrats on having your layout chosen!

i think getting a cat is a great idea! bye bye rats!!!

Alyson said...

Sigh. Mexico. What a perfect vacay that was! And OF COURSE all your friends can get along great! We all have YOU to talk about if things lull;) Just kidding! Thanks for sorta introducing us all!

And, um, I don't think I can be your friend (the cousin thing I can't control) if you get a cat. Blech. I hate cats. Like, have a weird fear about them. They look like they will eat your eyes out in your sleep. But hey, it's totally been a great 27 years! Nice knowing you! ;)

Elaine said...

Ok, your avatar is great and I would have never noticed those shoulder straps had you not mentioned them.

I am Linda Blair from the exorcist without coffee as well. Isn't it odd? I never knew I was so dependent on the stuff!

Dusting? what's dusting? (hee)


The Skabetti LO is especially cute!

Julie Jewels said...

Ok, your avatar is beautiful so shut up!

The whole online thing is weird. I mean how odd that I meant you online, consider you to be a really great friend and got 'introduced' to your Mexico pals through your blog!!
So let's have a party and hang out live and in person!! YAY!!
Congrats on your layout getting chosen at!
I'm cool with cats, so whilst you may lose Alyson, I'll stick by ya!
LOVE the skabetti layout!! What tricks did you learn? You need to share!!

Gina said...

90 degrees is assinine I tell you!

Congrats on having your LO picked. Awesome!

I can't believe you might actually get a cat! You guys don't seem like animal people to me. LOL Alyson. I think cats are secretly evil too!

Laura said...

I love your simple sketch layout Shannon! That picture, all close up like that, is fantastic!

I agree about the honesty and quirkiness thing. I find it way more interesting when people are just real and aren't just all fake chatty, in their blogs and otherwise.

Mom said...

I love Kenna and her Skabetti!

I love your Avitar!

and a cat might help your problem, but a kitten won't be much help for at least 1 year, I would consider borrowing someone's cat for awhile! Call your dad! 8)

I love you!

Kim said...

You shoulder straps aren't too tight at all, crazy!! Your avatar is beautiful!

Love the skabetti LO too! So cute!

Leilouta said...

I didn't even eat plain chips when I was a kid:(
I don't even think Tunisia had chips.