Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday SBB!

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Told ya I'd do a similar one for Auntie & Kyla!

Credits: Doodles by Angie Briggs. All other products are by Gina Miller and available at SBB. Pink paper from "Polka Papers: Perfect Princess" (on sale for only $1.95!!) Green paper from "Polka Papers: Woodloch Springs" (on sale for $1.95). Flowers from "Funky Flowers" (on sale for $1.30). Fonts are: Grandjean, One Fell Swoop, Little Days, MA Sexy, Jefferson, Girls Are Weird.

Good Morning
The other day, when Kyla woke up, McKenna wanted to climb into bed with her. Then she demanded I get the camera and take their picture. While I snapped away, she asked Kyla "Good morning, did you have sweet dreams? Did you dream about Cinderella? Yeah?" It was so cute that I asked her "Should I scrap it?" And McKenna yelled "Yeah! Scrap it Mama!" So since it was her first time requesting I scrap something, I did.

Credits: Doodles by Angie Briggs. Tag alpha by Ali Folendore. The rest is all by Gina Miller and available at SBB: Tan paper from "Back to Basics" collection ($1.63 per set or $3.74 for the whole collection!), Angel paper and sheer ribbon from "Joy of Scrapping: Angel Food Cake" collection (paper pack and element bundle are each just $1.95) . Heart and flower accents from "Cozy Sweater" element pack (brand new product, just $1.63). Fonts are: Problem Secretary and Fairies Wear Boots.


Credits: Background paper by Michelle Pearson. Cream-rose strip, red-rose strips, torn vellum, red distressed paper, and inked twill label by Carrie Stephens. Buttons and heartpin by Misty Mareda. Twine and torn beige paper by Kim Hill. Red paper strip (for title) by Dawn Stocsill. Heart doodle stamp by Anne Langpap. Black swirl stamp by "Lyndsay". Overlay by Nancie Rowe Janitz. Staples by Shabby Princess. Stitches by Gina Miller (only $1.95). Fonts are: Beyond Wonderland, AL Sandra. Thanks to Traci and Jen for the inspiration.


Kim said...

Love the LO of you and Erick. Such pretty colors...

hyka's mess said...

you do such good work!! Your kids are beautiful!!

Bryan & Miranda said...

I love that last LO! I mean, sure all your LO are fabulous, but I think it's so awesome that you used the word "twitterpated!" I love Bambi, and I always thought that whole scene was adorable. It works great for your page! Too cool!

Elaine said...

Tee Hee.. "Twitterpated" cute!
I always always love your LO's. Especially the one with the girls! McKenna and Kyla are so IN LOVE with each other! you can see it in every picture!

Alyson said...

Awwww. I love your family!

Jen said...

love the auntie lo- so sweet :)

Gina said...

Oh man! I am falling behind on Blogs and boards today. Oopsie!

Thanks for putting my banner on display. :) Love your last batch of pages too!

Julie Jewels said...

I hate when Gina has a sale! Not because it makes me spend more, but because I buy all her stuff as soon as she releases it, so I can't take advantage of the sales! lol

Love the layouts, but I told ya that already!
I guess I'm the only nitwit who didn't know twitterpated was from Bambi!

AuntiePea said...

I wanted to come over and thank you for your comments on my blog yesterday and now I have a shopping list of digital goodies to buy. How did I miss that beautiful heart doodle by Anne Langepap?! Great LOs. LOVE the quote on the auntie one. :)

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment on the LOs of Jacob I posted yesterday.