Friday, January 27, 2006

Everything is comin' up Milhouse!

What a fun start to my day!

First, I was doing a little pre-digi shopping (planning what I want to buy while I wait the 5 days for my paypal money transfer to go through). There's too many great items out there to be able to shop on impulse anyway. I'd end up spending hundreds and then not being able to use half of it until a year later. Anyway, ever since I saw these on Shawn's blog I have had them on my mind. But I didn't want to use $40 of my $50 paypal dollars on just actions and this place isn't set up to take credit cards yet (plus I'm trying to NOT pay with credit anymore, right?) So I emailed the guy and he emailed right away, very friendly, told me to send a check and he'd email me the links right away. Really nice guy, great customer service. So I thought I'd give a little mention here on my blog because 1) the product is beautiful and 2) I like to give a little nod to good business. By the way, if you're interested, the filters I'm buying are: Goldenrod, Chocolate, Vivid Color, Cross Process, Color Wash, and Midnight Color. (Mom & Julie - some of these would be great for your wedding photography and soooo much better than Virtual Photographer! Something to consider!)

Ok, so getting to buy the filters was the first great start.

The second was that yesterdsay, as part of the SBB Birthday Celebration, they had a little avatar contest. You were supposed to post an avatar that had to do with a birthday theme. So I posted the picture of McKenna dressed as a fairy. Her first bday was a Tinkerbell theme and this was the photo we'd sent with her thank you cards that said "Thank you fairy much!"

I checked when I woke up and I WON!!! Yay! I won Dani B's "Calm, Cool & Collected" kit. Isn't that a generous gift? So if you're up to it, head over to SBB's Forums and enter. Today's theme is Party Hats! Here's the thread. You've got nothing to lose and you're guaranteed a great prize if you win. The winner from day 1 got a gift certificate for Jen Wilson's designs. So I'm tellin' ya....great prizes aplenty!

Ok and the third reason today is gonna be a great day is that I am 90% sure I'll own a laptop by noon. YIPEEEEEE! It's the majority of my Valentine's day gift but I get it early and I cannot wait. I actually woke up at 7am and bounced out of bed wondering "What time does Best Buy open?" Now I say 90% because you just never know what's gonna happen when you leave to buy a large appliance. Case in point, the original plan was that Erick was going to buy his Valentine gift yesterday - a 30-inch wide-screen tv that was guaranteed to make his xbox 360 look phenomenal. So he bought it and yep, the xbox looked phenomenal. But the rest of the channels looked like crap. He was really unhappy with it and decided to take it back and that we'll just wait a couple more years when we can house the "big daddy" tv that I've always promised him. I mean, our current tv is already pretty good so there wasn't a need to upgrade. And if you're gonna upgrade, and the dream is to get the huge wide-screen tv, then go whole hog right? But since that isn't doable right now, and this 30-inch one is a weak compromise he's gonna forgo the tv. (He has other things in mind for his Vday gift though. He just has to settle on which he wants to get). Well we're looking at the Best Buy receipt and since he paid with check, he will either have to wait 14 days to get his money back or else he has to accept store credit. So he said "Let's just take the credit, we'll buy your laptop, and then in two weeks when we get paid we'll buy my gift." DEAL!! Sounded like a perfectly wonderful plan to me because that means that tonight, after my girls are in bed and while my husband is working I can sit on my sofa, scrapping and watching a perfectly poorly-acted episode of Related (this show is going down the tubes and fast.)

Ooooh, OR I will hop into the West Coast Crop Chat tonight at SBB. 9pm PST if anyone is interested. You can find the chat room here, sign in as a guest and choose Main Chat Room. They do a crop challenge and give away a prize if you enter by noon the next day. Lisa hosts and she's such a fun chica so try to attend if you can. By the by - It's not just for West Coasters. I went last week and a whole bunch of people confessed to being from everywhere BUT the West Coast!

Yesterday, I DID accomplish all those goals I'd listed (ok, there weren't that many I suppose). I did all the laundry. I still need to fold so this morning while Erick watches the girls, I get to do my wonderful little laundry gift - I lock myself in our room and fold while I watch one of my Netflix movies. Right now I have "Must Love Dogs". It should be cute and the little ritual actually makes me look forward to folding clothes. Erick and I cleaned out our car (how many french fries and gold fish crackers can one car seat hold??) and cleared off our dining room table. Half that table always has mail/clutter on it. *rolleyes at myself* Plus my usual make bed/do dishes/dump trash/straighten up, blah, blah, blah. As long as I used and didn't waste the hours that McKenna was in school, I can feel good about it.

McKenna had a rough day at school apparently. When I picked her up, she had a scrape on her nose. Seems she slid down a slide head first and scraped her nose up when she landed. And Miss Meg said she FREAKS whenever she needs her diaper changed. McKenna never does that for me UNLESS I put her on a changing table. Ever since last October she suddenly has a fear of changing tables. She's convinced she's gonna fall off so she cries and acts super nervous when she's on them. I need to ask Miss Meg if they use a changing table because that's the reason if they do. If they don't, well then I can only assume McKenna doesn't like to be changed in front of the other kids and it might be time to start sending her to school in p.a.n.t.i.e.s. instead of a diaper.

But she did come home with the cutest art projects. I'm gonna upload pics of last week's projects and this week's and put them into the little shutterfly art gallery that I started. I'll post again tonight and share about my laptop and a link to McKenna's projects. This post will obviously be for the truly bored I think. ; )

Alright....time to give Kyla her bottle. She rarely cries but she YELLS. It's so funny. She reminds me of Fox and the Hound when Copper lets out that howl and tries to sound ferocious but he's still too little to sound ferocious! *snicker, snicker* Have a great day everyone!


Jennifer said...

A laptop...I'm so jealous!! I hope to have one soon too. Matt has one, so I get to use it a lot, but I am trying to convince him that I need one of my very own! :)

And that picture of McKenna is precious!! No wonder you won!!

Julie Jewels said...

Woo hoo on getting the laptop early!!
I'm sorry Erick's gift didn't work out for him though! That's the tough part about the big tv's-there's big accessories that you HAVE to have that cost almost as much as the tv itself!

Thank you very much for making me spend more money! LOL You know I can't pass up those filters! They do look a bit better than VP. More subtle? So yes, I'll be purchasing those and blaming it on the wedding! LOL
Congrats on the avatar prize! I don't see how you could NOT win with that beauty!

Gina said...

Of course I didn't check the avatar announcement this morning when I was in the forums! Congrats! I feel so special that I actually had the winning picture up on my fridge at one point. ;)

So... did you get the laptop yet?! :D Sorry Erick didn't get his TV. Maybe now he'll really want to fly here and hang out with Vin!

Elaine said...

YAY! You're getting a laptop! I LUV mine!

oh wow.. imagine.. digi-scrapping from the'll be inspired in a whole new way. :D

Bryan & Miranda said...

Congrats on winning the avatar challenge! That's a beautiful kit you won. I love browns and blues together. Enjoy your new laptop, you lucky girl!!