Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Disney for the heck of it.

Erick and I decided to take McKenna to Disneyland tonight. My wonderful mother changed her plans last minute for us and offered to babysit Kyla so that we could go for a few hours with McKenna. My neighbor is one of the dancers in the Parade of Dreams which I hadn't seen yet so when I found out that ALL the Disney princesses make an appearance in the parade, I knew McKenna would love to see it. Disneyland rocks on a Tuesday night in January. No crowd to be seen. We were able to hit most of the Fantasyland rides and still be able to watch the parade.

Watching the parade was one of those heart-melting moments. She was so excited and waving to every character that went by. And let me tell ya, this kid caught the attention of every single princess. They'd be doing their classic parade-float wave and then they'd see McKenna and their faces would light up and they'd lean forward and give her an extra big wave and some even blew her kisses. It made me so happy for McKenna because to a 2 1/2 year old girl, that's better than seeing Santa Clause. It's always the saddest thing when a kid waves to some character and the character doesn't see them. But McKenna caught the princesses' attention just as much as they caught hers and she was in heaven.

Of course I got lots of pics. I don't think I'll scrap an actual "visit to Disneyland" page because we go a lot. But we got so many cute pictures that can be used for lots of other page ideas that I have. Erick even got a few pics of me that I liked enough to maybe do another AAM page.

Peach & Sweet Berries tart is yum!

Recent LO

Girl's First Love

Credits: Everything is from Carrie Stephen's "Love Potion" except for the staple from Shabby Princess and inked edge overlay by Kim Hill. Fonts are 4990810 and Saeculum.

Kyla's 4 month pics are up! Sorry they're kind of weak. We were all sick and busy in December so we didn't get much!


Laura said...

Peach and sweet berries, huh? I'll keep my eyes open for that one.

That just sounds so wonderful, an impromptu trip to Disneyland! I bet it was so precious seeing McKenna see all her favorite princesses and them blowing kisses to her and stuff. I can just imagine her sweet little face filled with joy! Can't wait to see some of the pictures! After reading this, I'm hoping we can make our trip to D'World in May even more!

Jen said...

awww- how sweet :) I can't wait for all the girly things that are sure to come with Addie :)

Ashley Michelle aka. ash said...

oh you are making me want to go to Disneyland so badly! We're planning a trip to san diego in april to visit my parents and while we're there we will definitely be going to disney! I haven't been in 6 years, and jenna has never been, so I'm really excited and that parade sounds right up her alley! How exciting! :)
And, hello fellow RENT fan! Yay! Always love finding them :) I just wish I lived near some cause I don't know any here and I want to have a RENT movie release party lol! I know the movie doesn't compare to the live theater experience, but I still get all happy when I think of watching RENT whenever I want! :) I'm such a nerd.

Elaine said...

Oh I love when Disneyland isn't crowded and come on! who wouldn't stop at McKenna's cute lil face?!? i'm glad they all did though! I'm sure she was super excited!
Oh and CUTE CUTE pictures of Kyla, I just want to take those cheeks and run with them! LOL! And her smile! Oh goodness, how irresistable is she??

Julie Jewels said...

I'm so glad your Mom came and sat with Kyla so you could take Kenna!
Awww, that's just awesome that the princesses waved to her! I'm sure she was over the moon about just seeing them!
I wish I could've seen her face!
You're making me wish we hadn't let our passes expire. Every now and then I get a pang to go! Especially when you say it wasn't crowded! LOl

Alyson said...

Reason number 435 we will DEFINITELY be moving back west: DISNEYLAND!

Promise me that someday, we'll get to take OUR kids to Disneyland together, like our parents did with us!

Tell McKenna that I'm SO excited for her! The princesses don't just wave at ANYONE ya know!

Kim said...

Oh, how I miss my Disneyland season pass. I agree with Alyson, a definite reason to move back!

Cute LO! Can't wait to see pics of McKenna's day at Disneyland!

Erin said...

OMG!!!!!! Kyla! I LOVE those pictures! Her eyes are just incredible aren't they? Her and Kenna are so so cute together. I am so proud of Kenna. What a wonderful big sister!

I can't wait to see the pictures from Dland today. She must have been so proud. Then again I am sure the pricess's have the ability to spot another princess in thr crowd right?

Delighted Mom said...

Love the pictures and layout. We are going to Disneyland and California adventure park either next week or the week after. It was great to hear they were not crowded during the week this time of year. We have never been to California, what do recomend?