Tuesday, December 27, 2005


My name is Shannon and I am a shopaholic. I know, I know. I shouldn't be. Store up treasures in heaven, not on earth. And I know I can't take any of it with me. And it's not that I look to shopping and STUFF to be my true source of joy or anything superficial like that. I just like shopping. Especially when you get to buy a little something here and there for each part of your personality - something to make you feel pretty, something to make you feel smart, something new for your home, etc. Christmas and birthdays are great for that because you accumulate gift cards and birthday money and shopping sprees and you get to just splurge on yourself. It's FUN. So sue me. I like to shop. I admit it.

And shop I have. I by no means felt lacking for anything - not after the generosity of my husband, family and friends this year. I mean hello....I just got a Rebel. I'm pretty set! So don't get me wrong. But...I had the gift cards so why not have fun right?

I'd finally finished Saffron Skies and was in need of a new book. A few dozen blog posts ago I mentioned wanting to read In Her Shoes before I saw the movie. Well I forgot my own rule and saw the movie first. So no point in reading it now (the movie was good but not GREAT so definitely not anything I needed to read.) I'd also mentioned wanting to read The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie. I still do but right now it's only available in stores at a whopping $24.99 for hardcover. And there is nothing Nicole Richie has to say that is worth $24.99. So that one will wait until paperback or until I can order from Amazon. But I did mention and finally bought Shopgirl by Steve Martin, An Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler and The Pact by Jennifer Sturman. I started Shopgirl last night and am already enjoying it. It looks like it should be a pretty fast read. Or maybe anything seems like it would be a fast read after 600 pages of Saffron Skies.

I also let McKenna pick out our new family calendar. Three guesses what she picked....I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with Schmizney Schminsesses.

Tonight my sweetie of a husband sent me shopping with my Mom and sister for a GNO. I had a $50 gift card for New York and company and his instructions to pick up a few other things that he wanted me to have (did I mention he spoils me?) NY&CO was having a MEGA sale PLUS with the gift card they included a 15% off coupon. So I bought what SHOULD have cost $117 worth of items but spent $22 out of my own pocket thanks to sales, discounts and gift cards. Sweet. It seemed they only had casual stuff out but that was fine. I can always use cute casuals. I bought pink track pants, a white NY&CO long sleeved shirt and a black one as well, a plain long-sleeved black shirt, a new pair of jeans and a new purse. Typically I carry a diaper bag. But every so often you go out without the kids and it's nice to have something that ISN'T bigger than a bread box hanging off your shoulder.

Now the best part of the clothes at NY&CO was the size. If this were my Playgroup Messageboard, I would mention the size because those are my girls. But for some reason, it seems obnoxious to say it on my blog for the whole world to read. Not that I don't love each and every one of you but it just seems obnoxious to say sizes. It's like diamond specs. You're just not supposed to say them. So I will just say woohoo, it is my pre-pregnancy size. All you Moms know what a joyous day it is when you reach that goal.

What else, what else. We went to Country Collection so I could buy a few more tarts. They had a mediocre selection but I picked up a Macintosh Apple, a Gingerspice Cookie, and a Home Sweet Home. Then we went to Victoria's Secret because I desperately needed a new bra. Pregnancy has a way of making sure NONE of your old bras ever fit the same again. So I picked up their new "Push-Up without Padding" bra. Love it! I would've bought a few in a variety of colors but at $42 I think not. I don't know why but it just seemed foolish to spend $85 on bras.

From there we went to the Apple Store and I bought a pink armband for my Ipod. I didn't want to break it by sitting on it in my back pocket. And sometimes I don't even have pockets. So the armband was the way to go. I must say, my ipod might be my new best friend. "My buddy...my buddy....wherever I go, you're gonna go. My buddy, my buddy. My buddy and ME!"

Ok, so after shopping we went to dinner. I probably could've sat there all night just enjoying my wine and food at a nice leisurely pace. I had the yummiest pasta dish with salmon, asparagus and cream sauce. YUM. But alas, we had a movie to catch. We saw The Family Stone. I loved it. It was much more intense then I thought it would be but still....I thought it was a great film overall and highly recommend. Luke Wilson was the obvious fabulous actor. Craig T. Nelson was the understated phenomenon though.

Anyway, very fun night. Very relaxing. Full of pampering goodness. But man did I miss my family. Part of me is grateful to get out of the nightime routine because it can be tiring. But the majority of me missed it. As tired as I get of dodging all of McKenna's last ditch attempts to stay awake for just a few more minutes, I sure do miss getting to kiss her and Kyla good night. They are my sweet little babies with the sweetest little faces. I could smooch them all day if they'd let me.

Poor McKenna, she has an ear infection. Her first one ever which is pretty remarkable because she was a formula/bottle baby. They say bottle babies get ear infections easier and that formula babies have weaker immune systems. That has just not been the case with my girls. (Note to all LLL advocates, I am in no way diminishing the powerful effects of breastmilk. I'm just saying, despite being on formula my girls have been pretty healthy. I mean somehow Kyla was the ONLY one of the four of us to stay well with our bout with the flu). Anyway, all that to say - I feel like we're lucky that we got to almost 2 1/2 before we had to deal with our first ear infection. Obviously it was an after-affect (affect? effect? I did not bother to learn the grammar rules you all posted) of the flu. She woke up from her nap screaming yesterday that her ear hurt. So I called her doctor and they were closed. The on-call nurse said she needed to go to urgent care. We got there....eleven minutes after they closed. So we walk across the street to the ER and doh.....three hour wait. We sat down. Looked at each other. Looked at McKenna who was as happy as a clam after a dose of Tylenol. I said "McKenna? How does your ear feel?" She said "Dood" (good). So we decided to skip the ER and just give her tylenol if it hurt and take her in the morning regardless. Dr. Cater said it was indeed red and he prescribed amoxycillin to fight the infection and Ibuprofen for pain. She seems to be doing well thankfully. Pretty clingy and needs LOTS of affection but that we can handle.

I have to tell you a few funnies that she's been saying. Some of them just sound funny coming from a two-year old. Like she says "Oh my gosh!" In this exasperated voice. Only she can't say G's so it's "Oh my dosh!" And you know how so many of us say "Sweet!" She says that now too. She also says "Let's do this Daddy!" whenever she wants to play something.

For a while she was telling Kyla "Good job boy!" But she finally understands that Kyla is a girl. So the other day, for fun I told Kyla "Good job boy!" And McKenna said "No! No Mommy. Good job GIRL!"

When Kyla is sitting in her bouncy seat, Kenna likes to sit with her. So she tells Kyla "Scooch over silly."

When we went to see Santa she put her hands on Kyla's face and said "Santa's nice. Don't be scared sweetie pie."

She'll ask Kyla "I missed you. Did you miss me?"

She loves to watch the same commercials over and over (which unfortunately is entirely possible thanks to Tivo). Well she seems to grasp that by the third time, Mommy and Daddy are getting tired of it. So she'll say "Again? Last time!"

If she wants a treat (like mini marshmallows. She loves those.) She'll ask "Just one?" So I'll tell her "Ok, just one." And a minute later she comes back to me and says "Just three?"

She keeps a flash light in her room (to chase away the scaries) and the other day she walked out and I swear she sounded so grown up when she said "Mom, I need fresh batteries for my flashing light."

When she wakes in the morning, she calls for us from her bedroom. She can open all the doors in the apartment EXCEPT her door because its a newer door knob so doesn't turn as easily. The other day I wake to hear her yelling "Is anyone there?" over and over again. I opened the door and she comes darting out saying "It's about time!"

McKenna is by no means fully potty-trained. But if we're home, she'll go by herself most of the time. After she went recently I ask her "Do you want to put on a diaper or panties?" She said "No. No diaper. No panties. Just butt."

LOL! Crazy kid!

Kyla is a doll as usual. Growing like a weed and getting a nice round pudge now. I challenge you to be able to hold this kid and not kiss her cheeks over and over. They are so freaking kissable. She loves if you squeeze her cheeks and say "Boom chicka chicka boom".

She's starting to make lots of cooing sounds and laughter. There have been a few times that I swear it sounds like she says Mama. Most of it sounds like words but not REAL words, you know? Erick and I are like Ross & Rachel - "Did you hear that? She said GLEEBA!"

Ok, enough rambling for me. Time to pop a sucrets and go to sleep. I HATE this lingering cough. It is not pleasant when you have a baby sleeping in your room whom you do not want to wake.


Laura said...

Shannon, you had me cracking up, or rather McKenna did! She is so adorable! So sweet with the sweetie pie comment at the Santa visit. And so funny with the no diaper, no panties, just butt! Sounds like one comment representing her Mommy and one representing her Daddy. ;)

Your night out sounded fun, but I know what you mean about missing parts of your nighttime routine. Glad you have the best of both worlds.

Sara said...

Sounds like you had fun! I do enjoy a good shopping spree. Love the my buddy song! Hahaha, brings me back. I hope Mckenna feels better soon.

Take care!

Julie Jewels said...

Your night out sounds so heavenly!! Well, not the shopping part because you know how I feel about that! LOL
Congrats on the pre-pregnancy size! Woo Hoo!!
Good to hear the review on Family Stone. I'd really like to see that!
LMAO @ the calendar! We need to make you a picture one!
Poor Kenna! I hope her ear doesn't hurt too much and it clears up fast!
She's got such a great personality! I love to hear stories of what she's said or done! We SO need to get together! I miss her! And I can't believe I have yet to smooch Kyla's cheeks!

Gina said...

Are you trying to say I'm obnoxious Ms. Bieger, because I know I've said my size on my Blog before. Hell, I don't care. I feel like putting it on a banner for all to see. So there!


I thought I may have wanted to see The Family Stone. Glad to hear it got a good review.

McKenna is the funniest! So many times I laughed out loud while reading the crazy things she's been up to.

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL Oops. Are you SURE you'd said it on your blog? I thought you'd only shared it on the board. Excuse me while I take my size 7 shoe out of my mouth. ROFL!

Gina said...

LOL Oh I'm quite sure I said it. I'll just pretend you missed that post and never knew I did so. ;)

terrarist said...

oh shannon what a cute kid you have there - sorry, two kids - gleeba makes me laugh JUSt as much as the fresh batteries comment!
your shopping nite sounds like fun - much like the one I had! You and gina can BOTH take your size NOTHING tushies and go back to the 5-7-9 store while the REST of us real women will be happy at lane bryant and big-n-booty-ful.
Just kidding- you go girl - pre-preg is a HUGE milestone and we are all proud (insanely jealous) of you!