Friday, December 30, 2005

First Haircut!

I really have to stop underestimating my daughter. I expect that she will freak out over things like being on stage, visiting Santa and her first haircut and yet she did fabulously for all three. To be fair, in days leading up to these events, she makes it clear that she is a live wire and we're to go in with no expectations of her. Some days she seems agreeable to whatever we suggest and other days she seems practically traumatized at the mere mention of it. The haircut was gonna be a biggie. Which is why we put it off as long as we did. She's not a fan of strangers touching her. And she usually gives me a total meltdown if I ask to comb her hair (not surprising...that hair was one tangled mess! It couldn't have felt good to have it combed).

So yeah, the haircut was something we'd put off until we just couldn't put it off anymore. Her hair was a mess and she looked like a poor little ragamuffin.

So today we told her "We're getting a haircut today!" And off we went to Cool Cuts. I'm sure some of you parents know this place or one like it. It was awesome! They had little cars for the kids to sit in, a television for each station, a huge assortment of videos that she could choose from. She was in heaven! She didn't mind a bit following the complete stranger to the back of the salon because she could NOT wait to get in that fire engine and start watching her video.

She didn't flinch when the stylist detangled her giant knots. She didn't care when the cutting started. She loved every minute of it and was ALL smiles! And then afterward, they styled her hair like a little princess and put tiny blue flowers in it. It was so precious. And so good to see my little lady look like a little lady again.

Of course I have pictures and of course I have already scrapped them!

Credits: Kit is Gina Miller's "Oh Happy Day". Alpha is from Gina Miller's "Winter Wish" kit (recolored). File tab is from Gina Miller's "Deck the Halls" kit (recolored). Staple is from Sarah Jones. Fonts are: Century Gothic, Mom's Typewriter.
File tabs say: Before, Tangle-free!, The Squirt Down, Stylist Mary, Snip! Snip!, You love it!, After.
Journaling says: McKenna - You needed a haircut and badly! Your hair is so fine and so wavy that anytime you would lay down, you'd get instant tangles - and you do not like to let Mommy and Daddy comb them out. So after much debate (we said you needed a cut and you replied with "No way!") we took you for your first visit to Cool Cuts. You had an absolute blast. You got to sit in a fire truck and watch Monster's Inc. Everyone in the salon said that they had never seen a two-year old handle their first haircut so well. You thought it was the coolest thing and they even styled your hair "like a princess" - complete with tiny blue flowers. Just look at your little face that we can see it again.

In other news, I'm starting to feel like a normal human being again. I'm 90% over this sickness. Just a little lingering cough. I finally got McKenna's room cleaned with new toys in place and almost all of our home is back in order. I still need to take down Christmas decorations. I can't take them down before the New Year. I feel sad if midnight comes on New Years and there's no tree lights on. So I'm soaking up the last few days of my pretty tree before I will decide that I'm happy to tear it down. And I still have five trillion loads of laundry. I've bought so many new clothes lately that I really think I need to clean out my closet and donate some of this stuff. Too much clothing means too much laundry and I'm tired of always having piles of laundry. So those two things and I should be set.

Scrapping today felt wonderful. I missed it. I still have a TON I want to work on but that's the kind of "to-do" list I love the most.

I waxed my brows and gave myself a manicure & pedicure on Wednesday so I feel a little better about that. I bought another highlighting kit to touch up the roots. Just gotta find some time to actually apply it. But with those things, a new perfume, a new outfit and books to read....I'm feeling like I'm taking care of myself and not neglecting. My husband is good about letting me pamper myself. He wisely understands that if I feel good about me then I'm a happier person AND a more energized person. I mean, who is gonna feel energized if they look like a wild raccoon who's been dragged behind a truck? A girl needs to feel like she's taking care of herself - body, mind and spirit....right?

It feels so good to not have anything bearing down on me! I'm so looking forward to 2006. I have no clue what it holds for my family but from where I sit, it looks to be a time of just loving on each other and enjoying every single day. Today Erick and I have been sharing one of those "We are so blessed" moments.....the whole day.

Thank you all for your well-wishes for McKenna. She seems to be on the mend. She hasn't complained of pain since the day we took her to the doctor and she's back to her happy, sweet self. A lot less clingy. And the very next day after I had posted that she doesn't go potty when we're out and about, she did. She asked to go while we were at the mall and so she used their tiny-tot-pot and their little mini-sink and even said she didn't want to put a diaper back on (LOL, "just butt"). I was very proud of her.

And Kyla (I shouldn't say this because it's gonna be jinxed but....) she's been sleeping for 9-11 hours in a row every night for the past 3 nights. And 2 of those nights, she woke up around 6am, ate and then went BACK to sleep. So that's been fabulous. God must've known how important sleep was to me because he blessed me with good sleepers for sure. Or maybe he just wants me to rest up because they're both going to be such spirited young women and I'll need to be on my toes. I am quite sure that's the truth!

Well, good night friends! I'll be blog-surfing tomorrow (or what did Becky call it? Blurfing? LOL!) So I hope you all have some new posts up. You know I rely on you for entertainment right?

Oh and hello to all you lurkers that came out to post! I loved getting to "hear" from you! SO flattering that anyone would give a rip what little ol' me has to say. Thanks for all the compliments on my kiddos. It does a Mommy's heart good to hear those things. Ok, now really. Good night!


Gina said...

I mean, who is gonna feel energized if they look like a wild raccoon who's been dragged behind a truck?

ROFL! Too true, too true.......

I'm good with cutting Em's hair only because I've been doing it since she's something like 7 months old! LOL But Andrew needs a visit soon- I am not quite sure how to shape a boy's hair right. I gotta find a place with cute firetruck seats and stuff for him!

Wow... security code is super-large and readable today. I wonder what's going on? tee hee

Elaine said...

Awwww! 'Kenna looked so happy to get her haircut! and she looks so cuuutteee!!!!

OKAy, that security word is extra stupid tonight.. I typed it in and it was WRONG!