Sunday, November 27, 2005

We need more monkey!

That's my favorite line from Toy Story. I just heard it as I opened up this post so hence the title. Toy Story, "Shreks" and The Grinch have been on constant rotation around here lately. McKenna is really into acting out scenes along with the movie. When Beauty and the Beast starts out with the story of the rose, she runs and grabs a silk flower that I have in her room, sticks it in her little plastic vase and holds it up to the screen. When the toys use the binoculars (a.k.a. "Lenny") on Toy Story, she gets her Dora binoculars and watches the movie through those. When Woody uses his flashlight in Sid's room, McKenna uses hers and points it at all the same things he points his at. And of course, ANY time a Disney princess sings or dances, so must she. I think we have also heard "Where are you Christmas?" by Cindy Lou Who at least a dozen times since she discovered the movie yesterday. She loves to sing and do ballet while that song is playing.

But who am I to judge? My cousin and I used to re-enact a bunch of the scenes from Sixteen Candles when we were kids. Is that weird? 8 year olds watching Sixteen Candles?

Anyway - McKenna had a really rough night on Friday night. She woke up crying and saying she was scared. So we prayed together and I tucked her back into bed. She woke up again at 2am and Erick went to her. She woke again at 2:30am and I finally decided to bring her to bed with us, something I haven't done since she was 6 months old. Well that did not work because she just stayed away for 2 1/2 hours kissing my face, kicking the mattress, whispering, talking (almost waking Kyla who still sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed). So I put her back in her own bed at 4:30am. She woke again at 5:00am. This time saying her arm hurt and she wanted medicine. I really doubted that it hurt. She likes to take medicine, she likes to go to the doctor. But on the off-chance that it WAS her arm bothering her, I gave her some tylenol. She slept fine after that, until 9:15am. She was fine the whole day on Saturday and napped well. Then Saturday night she woke up crying again. I asked her if it was scaries or owies. She said "scaries". She pointed to the sliding glass door that leads from her room into the backyard. I asked her if she heard something or saw something. She said she heard something. It was probably the stray cat that is always poking around back there so I explained that it was a nice kitty and that he couldn't get inside. He just wanted to play in the backyard. She said "otay". We said prayers. I handed her the new flashlight we'd bought her. I told her that if she woke up scared again to say prayers to God to ask him to take the scaries away and then to think about happy things like Christmas. She didn't wake up again until 9:45am!

The funny thing was this morning though. McKenna was watching The Grinch (whom she loves but also pretends like he is very scary). And she picked up her box of raisins, held it close and said "You're safe now raisins. It's just the Grinch. No need worry." Then she laid the box down and she told it "There's no scaries. Here's your flashing light. Say prayers. Go night-night." LOL! I guess she got my message?

So anyway, today was the perfect morning. Kyla and I woke at 9am. I got a chance to shower and get McKenna's breakfast ready before she woke at 9:45am. While she ate and Kyla napped, I got to enjoy some time on the computer while drinking my coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer of course!) and a fresh tart burning (Hollyberry - a scent I highly recommend). I could not ask for a better start to the day. Especially after getting so little sleep on Thursday and Friday night.

Oh, speaking of funny things McKenna says, here is a conversation we had a couple of days ago that cracked me up so much I had to jot it down immediately so I'd remember to share it:

She had taken her juice box and squirted it into her lunchables. I got up and walked over to her and knelt next to her. I asked her "McKenna, did you squirt your juice box in your lunchable?"
McKenna: "Yes."
Mommy: "Didn't I tell you to not make a mess?"
McKenna: "Baby Jesus did it."
Mommy: "Baby Jesus spilled your juice into your lunchables?"
McKenna: "Yes."
Mommy: "Is that the truth or a lie?"
McKenna: "A lie."
Mommy: "You told a lie about baby Jesus?"
McKenna: "Yes."
Mommy: "McKenna, it's wrong to tell lies. Especially about baby Jesus. Do you understand?"
McKenna: "Otay."
Mommy: "Are you ever going to tell lies about baby Jesus again?"
Mommy: "Are you?"
McKenna: "Are you?"
Mommy: "Are YOU?"
McKenna: "Are YOU?"
(OMG at this point it took everything I had to not crack a smile)
Mommy: "McKenna, I do not want you to tell lies ever again. Ok?"
McKenna: "Otay."
Mommy: "Are you sorry?"
McKenna: "I sorry."

LOL Little stinker!

Anyway, onto pictures. I have lots:

"Cheers!" Remember how I said that McKenna likes to "tap" together anything that she and another person have and say "cheers"? Well her and Kyla both had headbands on so here they are tapping them together like someone would do with their drink and saying "cheers!"

Super Dad!

McKenna's Thanksgiving Luncheon at school. Most of the kids refused to wear their Pilgrim costumes...including McKenna!

My little lady seems so grown up:

Of course - all she ate was olives and cantaloupe! LOL!

Even Daddy and Kyla came along!

Me and my girl:

McKenna and Miss Elaine prepare a "surprise" for Mommy and Daddy (a scoop of pumpkin puree, a scoop of marshmallow fluff, a scoop of cool whip):

Even Kenna isn't sure if that's such a yummy surprise:

LOL Look at both of their faces:

"I hope they don't try to make me eat any of that mush..."

Daddy and his girls:

Mommy and her girls:

Family photo in front of her class board:

Thanksgiving night - McKenna and Lukey having a meaningful conversation. McKenna hijacked Auntie's soda:

McKenna playing with Uncle Jerome:

Look how loving my Lukey is. He just came up and gave me a hug for no reason. Sweet boy:

3 of the 4 Catalanos...(Lukey didn't want to have his playtime interrupted for family photos):

Gavin had his first jarred food on Thanksgiving!

See how sweet Luke and Kenna are to Kyla? (Lukey calls her "Ky-Ka"):

The kids and I playing "cave":

Pretty face:

McKenna decided to try her first cashew. She loved it. She also loved to make sure everyone else had one nut at all times. And she loved to lick all the salt off of the nuts and then put them back in the bowl.

You'd think she was going into a turkey-induced coma:

3 of the 4 Biegers (Erick didn't want to have his playtime interrupted for a family photo....just kidding. He was working! = P )

Well, that's all! Enjoy your Sunday!


Gina said...

haha That Baby Jesus dialogue made me laugh out loud while I sit here and eat my dinner. I would have busted out laughing!

LOL! Kyla is like "get your head off me McKenna! Cheers nothing! I want to sleep!" tee hee

Heyyy...that dessert sounds kinda yummy, in a really sweet, super-fattening type of way!

Awww REALLY cute Kyla picture! ("I hope they don't try to make me eat any of that mush...")

Ewwwww....stop licking the dessert nuts Kenna!!! LOL

Robin said...

Ahahaha Funny stuff...I was laughing out loud at the pumpkin mush! Too funny. No wonder Katie came home from her "Friendship Feast" hungry and said the food was icky! The stuff they try to serve in schools these days :D

Elaine said...

The pumpkin mush photo of Erick and Kyla making a "o god what IS THAT?" face is hilarious! haha!

Jen said...

oh my goodness- her converstaions are so adorable. she is such a little smartie! ;)

Julie said...

What a great conversation about Baby Jesus! LOL

Great pictures!!! Love that Lukey!
What a sweetheart!

Patti said...

Yes. 8 yr olds watching sixteen candles is weird. LOL

Baby Jesus squirted her juice box? Forgive me for ROFL! That is hilarious!!