Friday, August 12, 2005

Just a few cute things

* It might be possible that we drive-thru for food too often. McKenna was sitting on her little Barbie-sized car and she leans over like she's leaning out the window and she says "Fries. Chicken. Drink. Toy." As though she's ordering a Happy Meal.

* It might also be possible that she doesn't hear the word "no" enough. While in line at the grocery store, she is usually very helpful by taking some of the smaller items (like Top Ramen or some other lightweight item) and putting it on the conveyor belt for us. However, one particular day, she grabbed a piece of candy from the impulse-buy section and we told her "no" so she just went ahead and put it on the conveyor belt anyway. Problem was, she put it with the groceries of the man in front of us. LOL! He was almost duped by her cuteness enough to buy it for her!

* Ever since her birthday, she just LOVES birthdays. She talks about cake and presents. It doesn't matter who's birthday. She frequently says "Happy birtday Daddy" or "Happy birtday Auntie" (even though both of their birthdays were over a month ago). And today I caught her holding a pickle in the air and singing happy birthday to it. Then she blew on it like it was a candle.

* I think we're raising a true performer here. Every single day she likes to put on Erick's headphones and grab his microphone and she sings along to SheDaisy or to one of Erick's songs. She puts on her own little concert. Right now, her favorite non-kid songs to sing are "Sweet Right Here" by SheDaisy and "Beautiful Distraction" by her Daddy (which she calls "booful traction).

* Every day we drive by this frat house near CSUF. It looks like a big red barn. She always asks to go to the barn and then for the next 10 miles all we hear is "Barn? Pet the cow?" over and over again.

* When she wakes up in the morning, she knocks on her door to be let out. I get up and either ask "Who is it?" and she will reply with "It me!" or I will knock back and she will call out "Come in!" Then I open the door and like a little puppy, she comes scurrying out and runs straight to her princess table to see if her breakfast is set up for her.

* I do not know why but she is obsessed with peeling labels lately. She's been peeling her crayons, stickers that have already been stuck on pages, labels off of her fake groceries - she even asks for bandaids just so she can peel it off her "owie" and stick it on various things and peel it off again.

* She likes to try to scare Erick and I. She'll sneak up to us with her hands up like claws next to her face, her face all scrunched up and then she says "RAWR". It is a little scary because even though she's only 2 1/2 feet, with her hair all messy and her face scrunched up and that tiny yet low growling sound, its like having a deranged Ewok coming after you.

* She's also been making some really funny faces lately. Not intentionally funny. But like full-on teenage-girl attitude faces. So there's one that we've dubbed her "mean girl face" when she narrows her eyes and tucks her lip in so she looks like she's glaring. She can't hold it for long because she knows we think its funny and she'll start laughing. Or we'll ask her to do a "nice girl" face and she'll immediately brighten up her eyes and plaster on a big cheesey-toothey grin.

* She got her first pedicure. She has been asking for "pink toes" for months now. I finally gave in and painted her toes and she has been so proud of them.

* She also loves to wear my lip gloss. So I put some on her lips, she'll smack her lips together and then puff them out like a monkey because she's afraid she'll mess them up.

* Today she asked to go potty while we were OUT! We were at Target and she said she had to go. So we walked quickly to the potty and I held her on the toilet and she actually WENT! I was so proud of her. After we washed her hands and came out of the bathroom she went running to Erick yelling "Daddy! I did it!"

* Whenever she has to use the big potty (because her little one isn't accessible or sometimes she just likes to use the one at our house) she asks "I fall down?" (meaning, will she fall in?) And I tell her "No, you won't fall down." And she says reassuringly, "I hold you" (meaning, she knows I'll hold onto her.) And I tell her "Yes, I'll hold you."

* She LOVES to ask for a "family hug". She will reach out for both Erick and I and puts one arm around each of us and we all hug close. Its my favorite thing that she does right now.

* One of our favorite games right now is called "tickle bits". I grab her and tickle her saying "I'm gonna tickle you to bits! Tickle you to bits!" So she has dubbed it "tickle bits". Usually after a game of tickle bits, she likes to lay on my bed, head-to-head and we just chat. We talk about her favorite color ("pink, gween, pupple") or what happens when the sunshine goes night-night (the moon comes out and our shadow hides), or where her beloved dance baby might be (we cannot find that darned doll anywhere!)

* She is obsessed with her new Disney Princess books that she got for her birthday. Its a set of four books - Sleeping Beauty, 2 Cinderellas and a Little Mermaid. They're short so we read all of them before bedtime each night. She has her own little routine for each book. For instance, when the good fairies use their magic wands in Sleeping Beauty, she yells out "ZIP! ZAP!" When the mice present Cinderella with her new dress, she yells out "SURPRISE!" And when there is a shark in The Little Mermaid, she gasps, opens her mouth really big in mock surprise and then yells out "SHARK!!" There's even an entire sentence in one of the Cinderella books that she has completely memorized and she'll say the entire thing along with me. She also thinks its hysterical to try to turn the page before I finish reading so that I'll say "Hey! No peeking!" Then she just laughs and laughs.

* Today while watching Sleeping Beauty, it came to the part when Briar Rose was walking up the stairs to the top of the castle where she would inevitabley meet her doom and prick her finger on the spindle. Kenna began yelling "Seeping Beauty! No no! Don’t do it! NO do it! NO Seeping Beauty!" - all the while yelling at the top of her lungs, shaking her head and wagging her finger at the screen.

* One of the most pitiful little moments of her big-girl bed experience happened about a week ago. A car revved its engine really loudly outside her window. It woke her up and scared her. Now when she was in her crib and that would happen, she might wake, cry for a minute and then go back to sleep. This time, I hear her crying but it doesn't stop and it suddenly sounds very close to her bedroom door. So I open her door and there she is, in her little nightgown, kneeling in the middle of the floor with her arms reached out for me. She must've jumped out of bed to find us but because she sleeps in the dark without a nightlight, she couldn't find her way so she just knelt down and cried and hoped we'd come for her. Poor little thing. So I picked her up, rocked her for a few minutes and then she kissed my cheek and said "night night" and climbed back into bed.

* She got this fun play set from our friend Julie. It came with a microwave and when you put the food in the microwave and turn it on, it says "Careful. It might be hot." She loves to say this along with the microwave about a dozen times in a row. She's even got the tone and inflections down.

* She knows her ENTIRE ABC song now! She has been singing it almost non-stop for the past 2 days. All day long. Non-stop. No seriously. Non-Stop. I'm hearing it in my sleep now.

* She can count all the way to 20 now. But if she does, she has to cover her eyes and then after she counts she says "Ready not, here come!"

* She's also really loving the song Old Macdonald. She calls it "MacdonaldFarmEe-I-Ee-I-Oh" as though its all one word.

* She's getting very good at using a regular cup now. Very few spills. I still prefer sippy cups for anytime other than meal times though. Especially because she really enjoys pouring drinks into the sink of her play kitchen.

* She has also (all on her own) adopted the proper etiquette of clearing her plate off the table when she is done eating. If we're eating at home, she brings it to me in the kitchen when she knows I'm doing dishes. If we're eating out, then when the waiter comes, she will lift her plate and hand it to him.

She's very interested in Kyla right now. Here is an excerpt from my pregnancy journal from this week in case you don't read that:
McKenna continues to be very interested in Kyla. She takes my hand, wraps it around her hand and asks "Kyla move?" That means she wants me to put her hand on my belly wherever Kyla might be wiggly. She's felt her a few times and gives a big grin when she does. She talks to my belly and says "Love you Kyla." She puts her milk cup up to my belly button and says "Kyla? Some?" I ask her when Kyla is coming and she says "Kyla soon. Months." About the only thing she CAN'T seem to understand is that if someone out in public asks about her baby sister, Mommy doesn't really appreciate it if she lifts my shirt up to show them where Kyla lives. LOL!

I don't have too many pictures from this week. Just three.

She LOVES her new "cake dress" as she calls it:

She, um, dressed herself today. This outfit was later completed with a lavendar sun hat and red shoes:

Mommy and Kenna at Matthew's birthday party:

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