Thursday, June 09, 2005

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

We’re big on nicknames in our house. You rarely hear any of our real names because we have dozens of nicknames for each other. Here are some of the many, many names that McKenna has been dubbed:

Kenna Roo

Riley Roo

Kenna Cat






Sweet Pea

Precious Face

Smush Face

Baby Bear




Silly Billy Goo Goo

Silly Butt

Butter Butt

Muffin Head (My Dad used to call us this when we were kids too)


Pumpkin Pie




Trogdor (Don’t ask, that one is all Erick)

Its amazing the kid responds to us at all, isn’t it?

A few notables:

* She has been skipping naps a lot lately. She normally takes 2 naps. Yesterday she refused to nap in the afternoon. Today she didn’t nap AT ALL! That was totally unexpected. Yet she was in a perfectly happy mood the entire time so I guess I can’t complain.
* My working really is not good for her I think. She gets very upset when she thinks either Erick or myself are going “bye bye” without her. And the whole nap-skipping thing….I just think it has something to do with my working because she was taking 2 naps a day for a total of 3 hours of naps and suddenly she doesn’t want to nap at all? Kids don’t tend to go from 2 to NO naps without going through a one-nap phase first.
* She is great at the grocery store, terrible at Target. When we grocery shop, she has so much fun taking each item we hand her and bringing it to Daddy to put it in the cart. She helps us pick out food and helps us put it on the conveyor belt. But at Target, she is a mad-woman. She tries to jump out of the cart and when we finally let her out she runs away from us and doesn’t look back. Maybe the stuff at Target is more fun to her then the grocery store. I mean, Target does have Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Wiggles, etc.
* She has been extra super-duper affectionate and we are gladly soaking it up. Today when Erick told her to give Kyla a kiss, she knew to kiss my belly. She calls Kyla “baby sit-tur” (baby sister).
* Potty-training continues to progress very well. She still has lots of interest in going and earning her “beans”. She goes about 1-2 times a day. Today she tried to trick us by SPITTING in the potty and then saying “I DID IT!” Like we’d think she peed when it was really spit. What a trixter! What hump we need to get over is that she has pooped in the bathtub the past 3 nights. It totally grosses her out so I'm not sure why she's been doing it?
* We bought her some big girl panties. She got Little Mermaid and Care Bears. She has been very excited about them but when I ask her if she wants to wear them, she says no. She is much more interested in wearing her pull-ups because they have Disney Princesses on them. Either way is fine with me. I let her take the lead when it comes to potty-training and so far, that has worked best.
* She is a PEANUT. I decided to measure her myself since her next doctor appointment isn't until her 2nd bday (and they don't measure all that accurately anyway). She is a mere 30 inches and 22 lbs.

I don’t have many pics this week (again, its because I’m working so much) but here are a few:

I love her hair like this:

And a less "shy" one where she is showing off her pretty smile:

She likes to wear Mommy's maternity shirts like dresses:

A sweet one of her and Daddy:

Giving Daddy's nose kissies:

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