Thursday, April 14, 2005

Enjoy a video

I don't have many pics but I do have a few cute stories and a video!

McKenna has opened up to trying a few new foods (chicken noodle soup, roasted chicken rice, raisins, apple jacks) and is eating more of other foods which she had tried before but really has pretty much ignored up until now (Ritz crackers, fish sticks, cheddar cheese chunks, scrambled eggs). This has made me SOOOOO happy. I'm lucky that my child will readily take any fruit or veggie that I put in front of her. But she is always so weary of new foods that she has been absolutely stuck in a rut of chicken nuggets or sauceless ravioli as her main dishes. I was really happy when she actually ate some new things this week!

With the beautiful weather we've been having, McKenna wants to be outside all the time. So it was no surprise (though a bit early) when she asked to go "owside?" at 7:30am last Sunday. I thought "What the heck?" We were still in our PJs but we threw on some sweaters and slippers and out we went. I thought for sure that everyone would be sleeping soundly on a Sunday morning. Did I forget that we lived across the street from the church? We ran into several neighbors and how embarrased was I that we were caught outside in our jammies, McKenna's face streaked with dirt as she licked a rock she just found? Oh well, it was a fun memory. Here is a pic I took of her at the beginning of the walk:

During that walk, McKenna's main goal was to see birds. She loves to watch birds all the time and we were fortunate enough to find two turtle doves building a nest on one of the beams of someone's balcony. She really enjoyed watching them. So Erick and I have since put up a bird feeder outside our window so that she can watch birds all the time. So far, none have come by but we're hoping!

Apparently, rumor has it that McKenna can count to 5. I have heard her say "two, three, five, six". Erick has heard her say "one, two, three, four, five". So while its a bit if-y if she will get all the numbers right in a row, she is definitely working on this skill. I can hear her when she is looking at numbers saying "two, three..." or if she is looking at letters she will say "c....s....z". Whether or not she is saying the right name for each symbol, I have no idea. I know she knows C, 2 and 3 for sure. She's getting there!

I've really been enjoying our Mommy/Daughter time lately and I think she has as well. Often, she will sit on the step in front of our fireplace and will pat the seat next to her and say "Mommy?" Which means she wants me to sit next to her and then she will tell me in her own little babble all about something or another that is on her mind at the moment.

We also had a lovely chat at a tea party this morning. She was quite the hostess, bringing me apple jacks on a plate, making sure I had all the right utensils, and blowing in my "coffee cup" and saying "fofee hot!" (coffee hot!)

I was most impressed with our little conversation we had right after the tea party. It was such an understandable conversation that I was just shocked at how grown up she seemed. Here is how it went:

McKenna: "Antaloke?"
Me: "You want cantaloupe? Sure, we can get you some. Will you bring Mommy a bowl please?"
McKenna goes to the cupboard and looks inside. Shakes her head no and says “No bowl?”
Me: "There’s one. How about a purple one?"
McKenna (spotting a green bowl in the back): "Breen?"
Me: "Sure, you can use the green bowl."
She has trouble getting the bowl out. Usually she would scream and whine at the first moment of trouble. But instead she said “Please? Breen?”
Me: "Thank you for asking nicely. Here’s your green bowl."
McKenna: "Tay too Mommy" (hands me the bowl)
Me: "You’re very welcome"
I fill her bowl with cantaloupe
She hands me the purple bowl
Me: "You want to use both bowls?"
McKenna nodding: "Bof"
Me: "Ok" (fill the bowl with cantaloupe)
McKenna: "Tay too Mommy"
Me: "You’re welcome sweetheart"
Me: "Ok, let’s go sit down. Do you want to sit on your snack blanket or the table?"
McKenna: "Table"
Me: "Ok, let’s go"
She sets her bowl on the table, climbs into the chair, I set her other bowl on the table
McKenna: "Tay too Mommy"
Me, heart melting at this point because she seemed so grown up and well behaved: "You’re welcome"

Or today when I was leaving for work, usually she will look at me a little bewildered or she might fuss a bit. But today she just gave me a kiss, said "Love you much" and waved and said "Bye Bye". And then when my Dad (who was babysitting her tonight) left she gave him a kiss and said "Tanks Bramps" (thanks Gramps) and then she said "Love you. Bye Bye" and blew him a kiss.

WHEN did she grow up?!?!?!

Here is a video we made on a night that Erick had to work a double shift. He didn't get to see her all day so he at least got to come home to this (copy and paste this url into your address bar):

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